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Community and Influencer Relations

We know what hands to shake and connections to make.

But building true community and influencer relationships goes way beyond schmoozing.

Engraining yourself in communities that are important to your success is vital, as is positioning yourself as a company that cares – to those you care about. The process isn’t simple, or speedy most of the time, but it is certainly easier and more effective with a partner championing you on your behalf.

Gathering background information through research is key in important markets, both old and new. We start by digging deep to learn more about the existing perception of your company within the community. Then, we use our findings to recommend and implement smart tactics that build your brand and create a positive presence.

But it doesn’t stop there. You’re in this relationship for the long haul, so we make it a priority to proactively provide suggestions to keep you in touch and on your toes.

Our objective: To build sustainable, positive sentiment for your brand with its relevant stakeholders, and to ultimately impact your primary marketing and business goals by making a difference where it matters.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Community event ideation and support, fun included
  • Philanthropic program ideation and implementation, because you get what you give!
  • Influencer targeting and outreach
  • Community (local, regional and organizational) award identification and submission
  • Ongoing recommendations for local board and organization memberships, as well as industry networking opportunities, to help you build important connections
  • Speaking opportunity identification and submission – complete with practice sessions!
  • Proactive recommendations for original influencer and community outreach programs
  • Competitive analysis and frequent progress updates; we don’t leave you in the dark or go quiet.

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