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Crisis Communication

“There can’t be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.”
– Henry Kissinger

Crises have no regard for your schedule – in our experience, they tend to hit at the most inopportune times. When they do hit, we know how to keep calm and carry on. 

Amy Power, our president and CEO, likes to say, “we know how to keep our clients in the headlines, and we know how to keep them out.” We’re in the reputation business. Staying in the right headlines is a major function of public relations, but crisis communications is just as important. A disastrous story or widespread social media crisis can have a much greater impact than 50 amazing stories. When a crisis hits, it has the potential to spread virally, sprouting numerous stories all over major national and local media. The impact on a brand’s reputation can be disastrous.

It’s not a question of if your company will experience a crisis, but when. Like Kissinger implies, it will probably be during the most inconvenient time. We’re there to guide your messaging and help shape the public narrative. As fictional character and crisis queen Olivia Pope likes to say, “it’s handled” when you work with The Power Group.

  • Media Statement Development.Our seasoned writers will craft targeted messaging to share with the media. We believe in information-driven communications, especially in crisis situations. Our goal is to be valued sources to journalists and collaborate with them in a timely and friendly manner.
  • Interview Coordination.We’ll field and vet inbound interview requests and set up interviews with the right media members. We’ll be there for you from light interview prep to your big on-screen moment.
  • Media & Social Media Monitoring.Monitoring isn’t the most exciting element of crisis, but it’s majorly important. Through monitoring, we’re able to gauge public sentiment, tailor messaging accordingly and, when needed, reach out to the relevant stakeholders. We’ll handle it for you and provide regular, detailed public sentiment reports.
  • Proactive Media Outreach.During and after the crisis we’ll initiate strategic reputation repair, reaching out to the right media targets at the right time.

Who is this service for? A crisis can hit any organization, small, medium or large. It doesn’t matter if you’re a restaurant franchise or in a service-based industry, we’ve got you covered. With that said, we see this service more widely used with our larger clients that have many stakeholders and an established brand.

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