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“BenefitMall has had the pleasure of working with The Power Group for the last several years. Amy and her team have greatly contributed to our PR strategy. By leveraging their insight and expertise, we have flawlessly executed our PR initiatives. As a result of their hard work and dedication, we have increased awareness of our company through contributed content, press releases, award nominations and more!”

-Kim Neeley, Director of Brand and Marketing Communications, BenefitMall


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Power Group for the past 5 years at Borden Dairy Company.  They were introduced to our organization after the acquisition of the Borden brand and portfolio relaunch.  I have found the entire team to be professional, innovative and strategic.  Their approach to PR has been a breath of fresh air!  This team really gets it and they have been flexible enough to upsize or downsize based on business needs and objectives.  I highly recommend The Power Group.  They’ve been true partners in every sense of the word.”

-Jenica Oliver, Sr. Director Brand Marketing & Innovation, Borden Dairy Company

Legacy of Love

“The Power Group is just that – a powerful resource partnering with each client.  From the onset of our partnership they analyzed our current growth and then explored options for potential expansion and recognition.   They advised us on how to weave our mission, past experiences with fresh trends and opportunities.  The Power Group were actively involved in discussions at our planning sessions, attended our special events and became the vital component to our overall success.  Every step of the journey, the Power Group was not only with us, but many times a few steps ahead of us!  They made sure the information was gathered and the foundation prepared, so when it was time to roll out the media releases, they handled it promptly and professionally.  They did a wonderful job of bringing our organization and premier event into many new and exciting outlets.  Not only was our Power Group publicist instrumental to our ultimate achievement, but other members of the Power Group were also informed about our organization and our expectations.  I will always be so grateful for The Power Group’s impactful influence on our wonderful success!  They were with us from the “inauguration” to our final celebration!”

-Diane Hopson, Legacy of Love Chair, 2015 and Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Health Center, Plano


 MOOYAH Burgers Fries Shakes

“The Power Group delivered on every cylinder. Their team was invaluable in helping me move through my pipeline of leads. They are true partners. With their professionalism and representation of MOOYAH, I have been able to concentrate on the inquiries that matter. Thank you The Power Group for executing flawlessly on behalf of MOOYAH.”

-Michael Mabry, Director of Franchise, MOOYAH Burgers • Fries • Shakes

Russo's Coal Fired Italian Kitchen

“The team at The Power Group is profoundly professional, creative and skilled. Very simply they have what it takes to carry forward any idea in the most creative way. They are a true team of good listeners and thought leaders. I know Amy and her team to be innovative, flexible, and timely in all they do. She has been a true asset to my business. The team always has innovative ideas, is proactive, and works extremely well with my staff. The Power Group is a true manifestation of creativity and subject matter expertise that is highly adept in taking ideas from a mere concept to a well executed strategy with clear results. They will give you 101% and I feel very fortunate to have worked with The Power Group.”

-David Dooley, Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen

Spezzo Rustic Italian Pronto

“The Power Group has done a good job in helping promote our new restaurant in the community. They have worked hard to get us the exposure necessary for us to be successful. I believe they have done an excellent job on our social media/digital campaigns. They are very creative in their posts and communicate well with us on the ideas and strategy to make our digital presence stand out. Our relationship with The Power Group has been very collaborative, as well as informative, in how best to work in these circles. I believe they have been a wonderful partner in our overall PR and marketing efforts to date.”

-Rob Goldblatt, COO, FGR Food Corporation and Partner in Spezzo

Sunny Nunan

“What I love about Amy, is she is one of the brightest and scrappiest PR experts in the city and I first met her 10+ years ago when I was at DCEO Magazine. Not all PR people hustle, but Amy and her team do for some incredible brands such as LALA/Borden Dairy Company, Golden Chick and Pollo Campero, along with local/regional concepts such as Cotton Patch Cafe and Witherspoon Distillery.”

-Sunny Nunan, Founder, Core 24 and Admin Awards


“The Power Group has been an invaluable partner in the launch of my company TerraTal. They have helped us shape and define our brand, create our message to the business world and  share that message to generate global awareness of our mission and goals. Their expert guidance and level of client relations is second to none. We simply wouldn’t be where we are today without the Power Group team!”

-A. Ira Hoffman, Co-founder, TerraTal – The World’s Global Talent Exchange

WhichWich Superior Sandwiches

“Thanks to the team at The Power Group for their efforts in turning a “wicked” incident—one of our customers dislocated his jaw when attempting to bite into a double-meat Wicked® sandwich—into a positive, brand-building experience. The story received positive national media attention (CNBC, Jay Leno, and AOL News, among others), and we launched a successful social media promotion to rename the super-size sandwich. Amy Power and her team took swift action, and we are very satisfied with the results.”

-Jeff Sinelli, CEO, WhichWich

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