“BenefitMall has had the pleasure of working with The Power Group for the last several years. Amy and her team have greatly contributed to our PR strategy. By leveraging their insight and expertise, we have flawlessly executed our PR initiatives. As a result of their hard work and dedication, we have increased awareness of our company through contributed content, press releases, award nominations and more!”

-Kim Neeley, Director of Brand and Marketing Communications, BenefitMall


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Power Group for the past 5 years at Borden Dairy Company. They were introduced to our organization after the acquisition of the Borden brand and portfolio relaunch. I have found the entire team to be professional, innovative and strategic. Their approach to PR has been a breath of fresh air! This team really gets it and they have been flexible enough to upsize or downsize based on business needs and objectives. I highly recommend The Power Group. They’ve been true partners in every sense of the word.”

– Jenica Oliver, Sr. Director Brand Marketing & Innovation, Borden Dairy Company

Cotton Patch Cafe

“The Power Group has been an awesome asset for the Cotton Patch brand from day one of our partnership. They are thoughtful, creative and swift to take action. Whether it’s a press release, supporting a new store opening, crisis management or creative brainstorming—the Power Group does it all. We have been so impressed with how quickly they have been able to secure news write-ups, influencer partnerships and even a TV segment right off the bat. Amy Power and her team truly listen to the needs of your brand and help you implement effective strategies. We’re excited to see what the future holds while working together!

-Angie Zandt, Senior Marketing Manager, Cotton Patch Cafe


“The team at The Power Group was an absolute pleasure to work with! They helped us launch our subscription service when it expanded to Dallas. Everyone we worked with was so professional, organized, responsive and strategic. They answer questions before you even think to ask them. The Power Group is clearly well connected with Dallas media publications and influencers, which allowed for us to exceed the goals we set before beginning the project. I would highly recommend working with The Power Group.”

-Emily Herring, Head of Marketing, INWEGO

Legacy of Love

“The Power Group is just that – a powerful resource partnering with each client. They advised us on how to weave our mission, past experiences with fresh trends and opportunities. Every step of the journey, the Power Group was not only with us, but many times a few steps ahead of us! They made sure the information was gathered and the foundation prepared, so when it was time to roll out the media releases, they handled it promptly and professionally. Their team did a wonderful job of bringing our organization and premier event into many new and exciting outlets. I will always be so grateful for The Power Group’s impactful influence on our wonderful success! They were with us from the “inauguration” to our final celebration!”

-Diane Hopson, Legacy of Love Chair, 2015 and Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Health Center, Plano


Millennial Clubs

“The Power Group was the key to our success for the 2017 and 2018 Dallas and New York Millennial Galas. They worked with us to develop core messaging, build an influencer outreach strategy and assisted our team in making meaningful relationships along the way.

Their professionalism, strategic planning and organization helped our brand to generate over 39 million impressions from earned media placements and influencer promotion in just a few short months.

The Power Group team was a joy to work with weekly. Their expertise and support allowed us to focus on the development of our team, event and cause. Amy Power has built a hardworking and patient team who truly acted as an extension of our brand and business. We are looking forward to working with them as we continue to expand!”

-Christiana Yebra, Founder, Dallas Millennial Club

 MOOYAH Burgers Fries Shakes

“The Power Group delivered on every cylinder. Their team was invaluable in helping me move through my pipeline of leads. They are true partners. With their professionalism and representation of MOOYAH, I have been able to concentrate on the inquiries that matter. Thank you The Power Group for executing flawlessly on behalf of MOOYAH.”

-Michael Mabry, Director of Franchise, MOOYAH Burgers • Fries • Shakes

Russo's Coal Fired Italian Kitchen

“The team at The Power Group is profoundly professional, creative and skilled. Very simply they have what it takes to carry forward any idea in the most creative way. They are a true team of good listeners and thought leaders. I know Amy and her team to be innovative, flexible, and timely in all they do. She has been a true asset to my business. The team always has innovative ideas, is proactive, and works extremely well with my staff. The Power Group is a true manifestation of creativity and subject matter expertise that is highly adept in taking ideas from a mere concept to a well executed strategy with clear results. They will give you 101% and I feel very fortunate to have worked with The Power Group.”

-David Dooley, Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen

Sunny Nunan

“What I love about Amy, is she is one of the brightest and scrappiest PR experts in the city and I first met her 10+ years ago when I was at DCEO Magazine. Not all PR people hustle, but Amy and her team do for some incredible brands such as LALA/Borden Dairy Company, Golden Chick and Pollo Campero, along with local/regional concepts such as Cotton Patch Cafe and Witherspoon Distillery.”

-Sunny Nunan, Founder, Core 24 and Admin Awards


“Over our four years of working with The Power Group, their team has provided us with efficient and thorough communication, always available and willing to lend a helping hand. They listen to our needs and provide sound advice and guidance in a timely manner. Their connections in the industry and expertise in the field have helped our company increase our brand awareness and share our story, staying true to who we are. Their creativity and willingness to offer new and fresh ideas have been very beneficial to our company; we know we can always count on The Power Group to take our ideas to the next level. From press releases to new store openings to news segments, The Power Group has supported and prepared us every step of the way, we are very grateful for their guidance and support and look forward to what is to come!”

-Austin Samuelson, CEO & Co-Founder , Tacos 4 Life


“The Power Group has been an invaluable partner in the launch of my company TerraTal. They have helped us shape and define our brand, create our message to the business world and  share that message to generate global awareness of our mission and goals. Their expert guidance and level of client relations is second to none. We simply wouldn’t be where we are today without the Power Group team!”

-A. Ira Hoffman, Co-founder, TerraTal – The World’s Global Talent Exchange


“Working with The Power Group is an absolute pleasure. Their knowledge and approach to marketing and PR is a breath of fresh air. We began our relationship by participating in BrandPower which included a unique method of meeting with our employees to help formulate and solidify our brand. Instead of tired and old boilerplate material, we received meaningful insight from our most valuable asset, our employees. We were so impressed with BrandPower, that we extended our initial contract and included full PR services.

Lauren really took the time to understand and get to know TSP which was a huge help in pitching our company and increasing our media presence. In a few short months, she was so integrated with TSPculture, that it’s like she is just another member of our team. We previously said we were the best-kept secret in town, but we definitely can’t say that anymore, thanks in large part to The Power Group.”

-Chris Skaggs, Director of Strategic Initiatives, TSP (Technology Service Professionals)

Chris Skaggs, director of strategic initiatives, TSP (Technology Service Professionals)

WhichWich Superior Sandwiches

“Thanks to the team at The Power Group for their efforts in turning a “wicked” incident—one of our customers dislocated his jaw when attempting to bite into a double-meat Wicked® sandwich—into a positive, brand-building experience. The story received positive national media attention (CNBC, Jay Leno, and AOL News, among others), and we launched a successful social media promotion to rename the super-size sandwich. Amy Power and her team took swift action, and we are very satisfied with the results.”

-Jeff Sinelli, CEO, WhichWich

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