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Feel comfortable in front of a crowd or behind the lens of a camera

It is our job to gain strategic and meaningful earned media and speaking opportunities for clients. It is also our job to ensure that every client goes into an interview with the proper training and materials in place. That’s why we offer two versions of our spokesperson training – one that is condensed and specific to a particular opportunity and another four-hour training for individuals and/or a group of colleagues. 

For every interview our clients participate in, they receive an elaborate interview prep sheet with all of the details they will need to know. Additionally, the account team is always onsite for interviews or dialed in for those that occur via phone. Our team also conducts mini prep sessions and trainings when needed to ensure clients are comfortable. 

Our full spokesperson training takes half a day and leads clients through an in-depth approach to mastering any media interview or speaking opportunity. Additionally, we work with clients to create or refine key messaging for their brand through our Three Column Approach. These key messages are utilized in any and all opportunities – many clients go on to use this messaging for marketing materials as well. 

Here is what clients can expect from our media training process: 

  • What you need to know for a media interview
  • The rights of an interviewee
  • How to answer questions 
  • How to maneuver tricky questions 
  • Three Column Approach 
  • Interview no no’s 

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