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Spread your message across social media.

A newer form of social media marketing, influencer relations, focuses on delivering your brand message to a targeted set of industry leaders rather than the market as a whole. These influencers (oftentimes referred to as bloggers) heighten your brand to relevant and engaged audiences. The Power Group has strong relationships with influencers in Dallas and cultivated partnerships with others nationwide.

An influencer is someone in your industry that has some degree of sway amongst their audience. Typically influencers have a large following on social media. Whether this is at a micro-influencer level or someone with a gigantic following, it is important to find someone that fits in your niche and tells your story. Our agency’s influencer relations strategies will help you do just that by vetting and searching for influencers that fit your brand’s goals. 

Some influencers we’ve partnered with include:

…and many more!

The Power Group is a PR agency that focuses on influencer relations in Dallas and beyond. Let us connect you to influencers who will help your brand grow. For more information about our influencer relations services, contact us today at [email protected]

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