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Social Media Strategy & Execution

While PR agencies may not always get credit for creative work, creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Our pitches must stand out enough to catch a writer’s attention out of thousands of emails. It’s on us to find and create new angles for the media to cover your brand in saturated markets. We’re responsible for figuring out ways to get people to pay attention to your brand and even fall in love with your brand. Welcome to public relations, the original home of creative campaigning. We believe that the ad people don’t deserve to have all the fun.

“Creativity is the POWER to connect the seemingly unconnected.”

-William Plomer

Because of the nature of our everyday work, our team shares an inherent creative spirit. When it comes to bigger ideas, we simply tap into our natural ideation abilities and branch out from there to bring our brainstorms to life. We’ve been accused of overstepping our boundaries when it comes to traditional PR and marketing methods, and we’re quite ok with that. In fact, it’s part of our brand history. We’ve always been more than the average PR firm, and intend on continuing to be “more than.”

Brainstorming and ideation kick off our creative campaign process, followed by a detailed creative brief to keep everyone involved on track – because, well, you know how “creatives” can be. #rogue

Giant light switches. The LockJaw sandwich. Some ideas are born out of necessity, some are born out of crisis, and some come to life just because we know they’ll be a lot of fun (feel free to get in touch with us for the back story on these!).

Whatever your need, we have a full team of inspired and imaginative people who are passionate about giving new ideas life. Our purpose is to craft campaigns that connect you to your people.

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