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Restaurants and Franchise

We believe in restaurant brands that have a great story. We believe in creating your own good fortune. We believe in the power of PR.
So, if you are thirsty for a business partner that can help you solve your hottest communication challenges then The Power Group might be what you are craving.

Our PR team has decades of experience securing meaningful media opportunities for emerging concepts and nationally franchised brands.
Whether you need help ensuring the success of your next grand opening, exciting consumers about an upcoming rebrand or introducing your brand to new markets, we know the movers, shakers and tastemakers to get you noticed!

Our integrated campaigns leverage targeted influencers and media hand-picked for your brand, reaching the perfect mix of broadcast, print and online media to support your marketing goals. Our objective is to be a true partner, helping you build your brand’s visibility and grow your business through strategic media coverage.

From wide-reaching national consumer, business, and trade press to hyperlocal outlets in key neighborhoods, we believe that telling your brand’s story is one of the most powerful things we can do, delivering impressive results.

Developing sustained media awareness and a solid customer base isn’t easy, especially in the ultra-competitive restaurant industry. That’s why we target campaigns to fit your unique needs, while tailoring them to satisfy the appetites of the media, too.

In short order, we are your recipe for success.

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