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Media Training

“It is always a risk to speak to the press: they are likely to report what you say.” – Hubert H. Humphrey

Talking to the media can be intimidating. They hold clout with the public and help shape the narrative about your company. In our experience, most CEOs underestimate the stressful and testing media interview environment. Interviewing via email or phone is slightly easier to manage, but interviewing on camera, live radio or podcast doesn’t come with any do-overs. Oftentimes, there is no opportunity to retract a statement or start fresh.

Our team has guided hundreds of clients through successful media interviews, and have also experienced some less-perfect than others. We know what works, and what doesn’t, and we bring that know-how and perspective to our media training service.

Our approach? Trial by fire. We put executives into a simulated media interview without previous guidance from us and see how they do (It can be enjoyable, we promise!). A former journalist or seasoned PR professional role-plays the aggressive reporter seeking out a big story. We observe executives in this environment and record them, and then work with them one-on-one to correct bad behavior and eliminate nervous habits.

Our media training sessions can be as short as a half-day or as long as several days, based on the training gaps we identify, the complexity of the messaging, and the number of executives who require training.

Ultimately, our goal is to increase your confidence in any interview situation. After practicing with our team of pros, you’ll be able to give a spot-on interview when it really matters – the live game-day interview. Like the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Who is this service for? ALL company executives and subject matter experts. We strongly recommend media training for all clients and ask them to involve everyone likely to be interviewed. Exceptions to the rule? If you were a celebrity or politician in a former life, you may not need our help (but then again, you might!).

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