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Social Media Training & Consulting

We’re proud to say we were one of the first PR agencies in Dallas to get on board with social media. When many companies were shying away from it and PR agencies were saying, “that’s not our job!” we dove right in.

Over the years we’ve learned how to deliver the most value to our clients through our social media expertise. We found that when armed with a social media strategy, most clients can handle the management piece in house. However, most clients still don’t possess the understanding or resources to efficiently maintain a sustainable, on-brand, engaging social presence.

Social media is like quicksand, and it can be a struggle to stay afloat. Our social media training and consulting service is our catchall, designed to help you with any, or all, your social media sticky points.

Some signs you might need social media training and consulting:

  • You need to train your employees on social media guidelines and best practices.
  • You’re looking to create a social media policy for employees, so everyone is on the same page with “do’s and don’ts” for representing your organization on social.
  • You’re curious about how to advertise on social media.
  • You need help figuring out a social media username that you can use for multiple platforms (trust us, it’s harder than it sounds), optimizing your social media profiles for search, or vetting various social media tools. The options are endless. Having a seasoned social media professional to help can save you from vetting these tools yourself.

Whatever your social media challenge may be, we can help! Our social experts are constantly learning about the newest updates and trends in the digital world, and how social media can fit those needs to provide a more well-rounded marketing message for your company.

Who is this service for? Anyone with social media-related questions or concerns – yep, it’s that broad. Whether you’re a food and beverage business or a commercial real estate company, we’ll offer you a tailored, competitive quote to quickly resolve your social media challenges.

If you’re perhaps looking for a comprehensive social media plan and strategy to get your in-house employee(s) off the ground, check out our SocialPower à la carte option, our more robust full-service offering.

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