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Analytics & Advanced Reporting

We believe that results matter.

You need to prove ROI to your boss and justify your marketing spend… and that includes public relations. We get it. It can be tricky to sift through all the data and turn it into easy-to-digest information that your supervisor can understand and use.

All our packages come with essential project management services, including regular client communication, phone or face-to-face meetings, and basic reporting. But sometimes you just need more. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into reporting and analytics, this service is for you.

Our Google Analytics-certified team can easily plug into your dashboard and dial down into what is driving results for your business, so you can readjust strategy and do more of what works – ultimately spending less of your valuable time and money on what doesn’t.

We also offer comprehensive social media reporting, including helpful statistics that can influence social media strategy, such as:

  • The times your followers are most active online
  • Growth in followers or fans
  • Engagement and sharing metrics
  • Impressions
  • Demographics
  • Campaign metrics

Simply put, we work with you to report on the metrics that matter. We tailor our reporting so it works best for you (and ultimately makes your job a whole lot easier).

Who is this service for? Our data-driven clients. Technology and social media nerds. Anyone looking to align marketing and PR with sales, which can be tough to correlate – but hey, we’re up for the challenge!

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