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Case Study

Case Study: The Power Group Helps Middle Market IT Company TSP Define its Brand

Situation Overview

TSP sought out our 20-step, proprietary BrandPower process in order to help define the company’s brand, both internally and externally. Because the company was internally structured in three silos to serve three very different industries, there was some confusion within the company surrounding how to talk about the brand and its services.

Plan of Action

To better understand where the confusion was stemming from, we completed the BrandPower process two times: once with TSP leadership and employees, and again with TSP executives. When asking employees about their respective areas of service, we received very different answers. There was also confusion from an outside perspective, where the company was viewed as a temp agency, or a company that would provide staffing services, instead of a company that provided maintenance and solutions services with their own employees. Additionally, there was a slight concern that TSP employees identified more as of an employee of the client than of TSP.

As we went through BrandPower, our goal was to define the TSP brand and story so all employees could align and connect to TSP’s culture.

 Actions Taken

After completing the BrandPower process and presenting our final, approved findings to the corporate team. Our final messaging was written to resonate across all departments within TSP, with employees who work at corporate headquarters in Dallas and also those that work at customer sites throughout the country. We developed a strategy to move the new messaging across all marketing elements, including:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Employee Marketing Outlets and Materials
  • New Employee Onboarding Materials


We like to say this BrandPower experience did so much more than refine the way TSP talked about itself. It also allowed their leadership to realize what’s most important to their employees, including seamless internal communication, clear personal employee visions, and training and recognition. We were able to help identify the gap between where TSP was and where it wanted to be. We also created a new set of core values and refined the company vision, mission, elevator speech, and tagline, which TSP employees have wholly embraced. The Power Group now works with TSP on a monthly basis in order to help tell the brand’s incredible story externally. Just a few months back we were helping with a recruiting video shoot, and the employees all shared the company’s core values, mission and vision, in their own words. That’s the power of BrandPower – messaging that rings true for the entire team and can be naturally repeated and moreover, given a fresh spin by each employee.

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