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Case Study

It’s Not a Matter of IF You’ll Encounter a Crisis, but WHEN.

Situation Overview

Stream is a Dallas-based direct selling company offering Energy Services, Mobile Services and Protective services. Operating on a direct sales model, Stream has Independent Associates who sell its services on behalf of the company across the country. The Power Group had already gone through a few crisis situations with Stream and navigated them well, but in September 2015 decided it was time for a proactive, in-depth crisis management plan.

Plan of Action

The Power Group utilized its three-step CrisisPower process: intake, insights and implementation, working with Stream’s chief marketing officer to develop the final product.

Actions Taken


The Power Group met with Stream to discuss concerns and conduct an initial crisis audit. From there, the team brainstormed all likely crisis situations and conducted initial research and situational analysis.


The Power Group took the information from the intake step, as well as its preexisting knowledge of the company, and created a detailed, step-by-step crisis management plan, including a key people (a crisis committee), high-level background information on crises, and templated messaging for each brainstormed crisis situation.


From there, the team reviewed the crisis management plan with with Stream’s CMO. Once he approved it, The Power Group presented it to Stream’s business leaders (director level and above) and also conducted comprehensive media training.


Stream is now better equipped to handle crises from not only a communication standpoint, but a procedural view as well. The creation of the Stream CrisisPower informed and improved certain processes, ultimately making the company more agile in the case of crisis.

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