How to Be a Great Media Relations Mentor

My team member Lauren recently approached me with the opportunity to contribute a few tips for a blog post she was working on for PRSA New P...

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LinkedIn and resume tips
5 LinkedIn and Resume Tips for College Students

Guest Post One of the first things I did at the beginning of college was create a LinkedIn profile and begin to build my resume. I knew that...

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Curated Content for Marketing Pros: September 4, 2015

This week we’ll kick off with all things digital that are sure to be of interest to marketing professionals. In the realm of social media,...

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7 Tips for Setting Yourself Up for PR Internship Success

Amanda Franklyn,The Power Group summer intern So you’re about to start your fall PR internship, congrats! You’re in for a very dynamic c...

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Best Practices for Making the Most of Your First Internship

Ana Belmonte,The Power Group summer intern (Hispanic PR division) Proactive college students seek out internships to get their feet wet in t...

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