Social Media Strategy: Instagram Stories that Work for Your Business

For some platforms, stories come and go but on Instagram, they are forever. We have seen a number of social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn attempt to duplicate this interactive feature but in the end, most have been unsuccessful. So how do you turn this feature into an asset for your business? Here are four key ways to make Instagram stories work for you!

To Increase Impressions 

Can’t quite hack the algorithm and looking to reach a larger audience? Instagram stories could be the answer to all your problems! Instagram is looking to serve users content that will keep them on the platform longer. So how do they do this? By giving them the content they want and consistently search for! Sharing frequent and quality Instagram stories that appeal to your target audience can increase impressions of both your story and static content. Instagram users that view an individual or brand’s stories frequently will also be served that same brand or users’ static content too. Story, story, story! 

To Increase Engagement 

Consistently maintaining and increasing engagement on your social channels can be an uphill battle. Stories are a great way for users to engage and interact with your content. Instagram provides interactive stickers for your audience to engage with. It also allows the opportunity to share feed posts, highlight customers by resharing User Generated Content (UGC) and re-share other users’ stories when tagged. This is a great way to show customer appreciation and open the doors to two-way communication that social media was truly created for!

To Source Information from Your Audience 

Instagram stories are a great way to source information directly from your key audience. Polls, question boxes and sliders can organically capture valuable information from your followers and make them feel heard. Here are a few suggestions for how to use your stories to crowdsource information that can better your business:

  • Drop a question box for your followers to ask you a question. Respond to questions directly on your stories and share the answers for all to benefit. 
  • Share a poll of 3 new products or offerings you are considering and ask your followers what they would be most interested in. 
  • Trying to get into email marketing campaigns? Share a question box on your stories where your followers can share their email addresses to easily join the list. Bonus, incentivize them with a discounted offering or freebie for joining to achieve optimal results!

To Sell Products or Services 

Buttons, buttons, who’s got the buttons! While not everyone has the ability to share customized links on Instagram stories (you must have 10k+ followers or be verified), there are other ways to market your products or services through stories that can drive sales! E-commerce has never been bigger than it is right now. If you are an eCommerce business and you don’t have Instagram Shop set up, email our Director of Sales & Marketing at [email protected] so we can help you out! Your Instagram Shop will be your best friend when it comes to marketing your eCommerce business. Shop makes it easier for consumers to find, click and ultimately purchase your products. Sharing of Shop stickers that link to eCommerce products on your stories is available to anyone with a Shop. Instagram has similar applications when it comes to food orders and alternative service offerings you can add as promotional stickers too.