4 Tips For Selecting the Right Influencer

You see them everywhere – food, fashion, fitness, you name it. Influencers are taking over!

You might be wondering why these social media celebrities have become such a crucial part of marketing for brands looking to build their business. One of the biggest reasons why influencer marketing is so successful is because influencers are able to build relationships with their audience! Influencers have an engaged following that acts almost like a relationship with a friend. In fact, according to the Digital Marketing Institute, 70% of teens trust influencers more than celebrities. 

So you want to explore the influencer marketing world? Here are just a few things to look for when selecting an influencer for your brand.


How relevant is your brand to the influencer you are selecting? It is essential that you choose an influencer that reflects your brand’s values, vision, and long-term goals. Be sure to look through the influencer’s older posts to see what other brands they have worked with, what kind of content they are producing and how they have evolved. Don’t waste time on influencers that lack a true connection with your product or brand!


Quality over quantity is the most important thing to remember when looking at an influencer’s engagement rate. Even if the influencer has a lot of followers, be sure to check how many likes and comments they are receiving. Micro-influencers, influencers who have between 2,000-50,000 followers on Instagram, can be beneficial because oftentimes they have a higher engagement rate than the mega influencers. It can be beneficial to choose someone who has a smaller audience because it means they will be more likely to answer questions and engage with their followers. As a brand, this gives people the opportunity to build a community around your service or product, driving them in even more.


Is the influencer you’re looking into working sporadically with all kinds of different brands? This could be a red flag! You want the influencer you select to represent your brand because they believe in what you represent. Not only does this help gain traffic to your business, but it attracts customers who have similar values. Instagrammers can tell when posts are simply #ads.


Frequency and dedication are also a huge factor when it comes to selecting an influencer to partner with. These two things can change how the influencer’s audience interacts with their content. Make sure you look at influencer’s feeds – if they haven’t posted in a week or two they may not be the best person to work with! Another benefit of dedication and consistency is user-generated content (UGC). Although brand content is good, user-generated content is even better because it shows real-life people are using your products and promoting your brand.

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