3 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Embrace Podcasting

Podcasting can sound…daunting. But since its creation in 2004 by John Hammersely, it’s become increasingly popular. Individuals have begun including them in their morning and night routines, their drives to work, or just during their off time. Whether you’re just representing your organization as a guest on a podcast, or creating your own, this form of media will help you grow towards the  brand recognition you’ve been looking for. As time and technology changes, there are now more options than ever when it comes to giving your personal brand that extra boost, so why not take advantage? 

1. Podcasting takes less time and money than you think

One of the biggest reasons people avoid making podcasts is because it seems like an unnecessarily difficult and expensive task, but this isn’t the case. Realistically, only a few hours per month are needed to record, edit, and publish an effective podcast. Like social media planning, mapping out guests and material ahead of time helps make this process even easier. Podcasting doesn’t have to be expensive!Some of the most popular and useful audio editing software, like Garage Band and Audacity, is actually free. You can even purchase a USB-compatible microphone for as little as $8.99 on Amazon.

2. You’re actively building your network

Time to put those connections to work! Creating a list of dream guests will get you started when it comes to building your podcasting network. Having a consistent stream of guests on your podcast show not only exposes that person to your listeners and community, but you and your organization’s names will start gaining notoriety in their circles as well. It’s mutually beneficial. Podcasting is a great way for you to strengthen your professional relationships in a more casual and conversational environment. Utilize connections from places like LinkedIn, old contacts from conferences, or even old colleagues. Constructing a solid guest list helps bring your podcast to the next level.

3. People actually want to listen!

In the end, the numbers speak for themselves. According to Apple, there are 2,428,980 podcasts, along with 63,970,695 episodes on their streaming platforms as of March, 2022. With those numbers, it may feel like it’d be difficult to stand out in a crowd of other top-rated podcasts. However, by 2017, about 60 million American homes (50%) listened to podcasts, and 75% of Americans were familiar with the term “podcast” by 2020, as reported by Podcast Insights. 

With other forms of media like radio and print news losing popularity, podcasting has only surged forward in favor. Creating a podcast for your organization is becoming an increasingly useful tool in generating more awareness for your personal brand, so try taking that next step, and dive into the world of podcasting.