3 Summer Recipes Trending on TikTok

It’s the middle of summer, and as with all other seasons throughout the year, TikTok creators have been serving up some delicious recipes perfect for the season. From light pastas and salads to delicious summer sandwiches, here’s a few of our favorite recipes that have been going viral. 

Pasta al Limone
Pasta recipes have been taking over the TikTok feed this summer. However, one pasta recipe in particular has risen to TikTok fame recently- Pasta al Limone, also known as Lemon Pasta. To make this creamy and light pasta, you only need a few ingredients. The recipes vary slightly depending on personal preference, but the main ingredients include your choice of pasta, butter, olive oil, heavy cream, lemons, and parmesan cheese. Bonus! It only takes about 10-15 minutes to make! This recipe is perfect for a quick and easy dinner to fit into your busy summer schedule.

The Grinder Sandwich
If you have been on Food TikTok at all this summer, you probably have seen content creators making the famous Italian Grinder Sandwich (also called the Grinder Salad Sandwich). Perfect to pack for a day at the beach or by the pool, these sandwiches have been a hit for the summer. The sandwich contains some traditional deli ingredients, for example, pepperoni, ham, turkey, and cheese. However, the toppings are what make this sandwich anything but ordinary. The Grinder Sandwich is topped with a “salad” that consists of an iceberg lettuce base with a creamy dressing, onions and pepperoncinis.

The “Jennifer Aniston” Salad
The TikTok sound describing this trending salad usually starts with the words, “Jennifer Aniston ate this salad on the set of Friends everyday for 10 years.” And while Aniston later said that she did not actually eat this particular salad ~IRL~, we still think it is definitely worth mentioning due to the popularity it has gained this season. The main ingredients for the salad include chickpeas, feta, quinoa, pistachios, and mint mixed together with an olive oil dressing. It can even be made vegan as well! 

With all the delicious #FoodTok recipes that are trending this summer, we cannot wait to see what fall brings to the table. But as for the meantime, enjoy trying these recipes at home and let us know your favorite viral recipes from TikTok!