3 Tips for Creating the Ideal WFH Office Space

As remote work options become more available, working from home is rapidly increasing in popularity. Creating an office space within your home can be a quick and easy way to boost your productivity. It is also a fun way to utilize your design skills and add new decor to your home! Here are 3 tips for making the ideal WFH office space. 

Good Lighting
Working in a well-lit space not only improves your ability to focus, but also improves your mood! While working outside might not be an option for everyone (especially in this Dallas heat), positioning your desk by a window can be a great option. In addition, investing in a cool floor lamp or desk light to brighten the room can not only add great lighting, but also a fun interior design element to your space. 

Organization is Key
Easy access to office supplies is a must when working from home. Having paper, pens, and/or a planner on hand is key to improving your office space and making your day run more smoothly. Luckily, most supplies can be stored in one place using a fun desk organizer. Check out this one which features a mini bookshelf and stores everything in a compact place!

Make it personal
While having work supplies is important, it’s also important to make your office space fun with decorations! Adding framed pictures, cute coasters, or even a plant adds a personal touch to any workspace. You could even add a few wall art pieces or posters if your space allows. Bonus- paint the wall art yourself and customize it to your home’s interior design!

Get comfy
Creating a space where you feel physically comfortable is also crucial. An ergonomic workstation will help prevent eye strains, headaches, back pain and more. Your “desk” is very important. You don’t have to use a real desk, it can be a dining room table, bar area or even a TV tray as long as it fits your body and doesn’t cause posture issues. If you have space, we recommend opting for a standing desk. You can also consider purchasing a folding treadmill for the standing desk if you’re interested in getting your steps in while you work!

While working from home can be done anywhere, creating a fun and personalized space in your home can make the work day more enjoyable and productive. What are you going to add to your WFH office space? Let us know in the comments!