3 Tips to Ace Your Next Interview

There is nothing quite like the stress of a job interview. Here at The Power Group, we are always interviewing for potential full-time positions and internships. Our agency looks for specific characteristics in every candidate we meet with. Whether it be a first round phone call for an entry level position, or a third round writing test, these tips are sure to help you ace your next interview!


You Are Never Too Prepared

No one has ever left an interview and thought they spent too much time preparing! An interviewer can always tell if you did your research prior to the meeting. A brief glance at the company’s website is no longer acceptable. Spend time diving deep into the company’s core values and mission, its social media channels, the way it operates culturally, etc. 

If you know the name of the person interviewing you, glance at his/her LinkedIn so you can find ways to connect. Aim to weave your research into your conversation and questions as well. For example, ask “I saw that you started as an intern with the company and are now a mid-tier position, can you tell me about your journey?” instead of asking, “how long have you been here?”.  Always come to an interview with a pad and pen to take notes! 


 Ask Questions With Intention 

In addition to doing your research, compile a set of engaging and valuable questions. Every interviewer has heard, “what does the day to day look like?” or “what do you like most about working here?” Ask compelling questions that can lead to a conversation instead of a Q&A. Some of our favorite questions include:

  • Can you tell me about a project or client you are currently working on that you are excited about?
  • I noticed on the company’s Instagram that you recently helped a restaurant launch its opening, what was that experience like? 
  • What do you think are some of the most important qualities to have for someone to succeed in this role? 
  • How does your company make culture a priority? 


Follow Up 

Following up after the interview is one of the most important steps in an interview process. You want to leave a lasting impression that shows how appreciative you are to be considered and show your interest in the role. A follow up email will do, a handwritten note shows you went the extra mile! If you do not hear back, continue to follow up. You may think you are pestering the company, but until you receive a yes or no you are usually still in the running.  


The more interviews you participate in, the more comfortable you will feel and better you will get at them. As long as you are your unique self, do your research and prepare meaningful questions, you will do great! For a list of The Power Group’s current open positions, look here.