3 Ways to Improve Company Culture

Companies across the country are trying to master the art of company culture. While it may seem easy to accomplish, obtaining the “perfect” culture is a mix of intentional activities and the right people. If you are thinking of taking your company’s culture to the next level, consider implementing these three things to boost employee morale. 


Spend time together outside the office

On average, people spend over a third of their life at work. If you spend 90,000 hours working in your lifetime, you should enjoy working with the people around you. One of the key aspects to a great company culture is having the right employees that exclude the company’s core values. 

In an effort to create a happy and friendly environment, consider hosting culture-focused events outside of the office. Whether it’s a company happy hour, bowling tournament or quarterly celebration, allowing your employees to have conversations somewhere other than their desks enables them to speak more freely and make deeper connections. This in turn can lead to more trust and productivity in the office. 


Collaborative workspace

In the past few years, collaborative workspaces have been all the rage, but do they really work? The answer is yes. Open and communal work environments foster more creativity, collaboration and teamwork. With an open and airy workplace, employees are more likely to talk to their employees than if they had a closed office. 

However, it’s important to create a private space, especially for conference calls, where employees can talk comfortably without fear that they are interrupting other employees. Even in a casual workspace, it’s important to give employees the option for solo time. A more casual office culture means more sharing, more collaboration, and more banter throughout the day.


Increase recognition 

One of the best things that comes out of recognizing an employee’s hard work is an increase of trust and a better working relationship. Feeling appreciated is a vital human need, and when so much energy and effort goes into work, it’s important to make employees feel valued and important at work. From a Starbucks gift card to celebrating a win to a handwritten note, saying “thank you” can go a long way with your employees. 

While every company is different, keeping your employees happy is the key to retaining them and having a successful company culture. Try implementing these 3 items into your culture to increase employee morale and productivity!