5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to be on TikTok (and a Few Brands We Admire!)

We dare you to go into your phone’s settings and see how many minutes you spend scrolling through TikTok each day. (Hint: If you’re an iOS user, go to “Settings” and then “Screen Time” to review your daily (or weekly!) usage for each app).  Chances are, you probably spend more time on TikTok than you think.

The app that dominates most people’s screen time is TikTok, a short-form video content platform where users and brands create AI-assisted content. Below are 5 reasons why your brand should incorporate TikTok into its social media strategy.

It’s Comparable to Instagram. You’ve successfully worked Instagram into your social media plan, but don’t stop there! TikTok, with roughly 1 billion active users, is coming up just shy of Instagram’s 1.3 billion.

Advanced Video Tech Made Easy. And yes, it’s even for someone who doesn’t feel confident in their video editing skills. TikTok’s AI technology allows users to easily create stunning videos and incorporate visual and audio effects. You don’t need a videographer degree for this one.

Ability to go Viral. What’s the recipe for success to go viral? The world may never know. Certain factors such as if it’s ridiculously hilarious, amazingly unique or if Ellen DeGeneres makes a guest appearance with some of her closest friends, can certainly aid in a viral video. However, TikTok has made it a bit easier for not only brands, but also individuals, to go viral with its unique algorithm and by making it super easy to create one of a kind content.

You Get to Hang Out with the Cool, Young Kids. If you’re a brand that resonates with 18-30 year olds and you are NOT on TikTok, take a reading break and go talk to whoever you need to get approval from to make that happen. TikTok is where you’re going to reach your target audience.

Relax, and take a Chill Pill. If you want to relate to your target audience, relax with the corporate mumbo-jumbo. TikTok users want to see authentic brands get personal and relatable. This will ultimately inspire likes, comments, shares and other forms of engagement.

So what brands are doing things right? Check out some of our favorite TikTok accounts:

Duolingo. Duolingo’s clever use of the owl mascot, Duo, brings a sense of brand personality and hilarious sass to a corporate brand by reenacting popular trends.

RyanAir. RyanAir, a European budget airline, frequently encourages engagement with other brands with bold, witty humor. Find RyanAir popping up in the comments section on other brand’s profiles.

The Washington Post. What better way to deal with the decline of print newspapers than to create content on the media platform where consumers are today? The Washington Post creatively reports on major news and presents it in a way that looks as though it’s integrated right into your feed!

As you can see, you don’t need any special skills to launch your brand’s TikTok. Curious with where to start? How about with TikTok for Business’s mantra, “Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks”.