5 TED Talks to Start Your Year Off Right

“New year, new me,” the saying that everyone knows all too well, but doesn’t seem to always hold true. However, 2020 is going to be different. It’s time to make a change and get in the right headspace to be the best version of yourself. Not only is this the start of a new year, but a new decade, and TED Talks are the perfect way to inspire yourself to stick to your resolutions! They cover everything from health and wellness to professional growth. Check out some of our favorite TED Talks below and take the first step into a new decade of greatness.

When you’re looking for happiness…
What Makes a Good Life?
The lifelong question everyone seeks to find the answer to is simple: what makes me happy? Some may say fame, money, or even a nice new pair of shoes. However, Robert Waldinger has a different perspective. Pulling context from the longest study on happiness, he outlines three simple lessons on how to lead a fulfilling life.

When you need a fresh start…
A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit
Judson Brewer tackles the ongoing issue of the bad habit. As the age old saying goes, it takes two weeks to break a bad habit and two months to start a good one. But what do you really know about your habits? Brewer’s research leads his TED Talk as he proposes a new way of breaking those pesky habits that you just can’t shake. According to him, mindfulness and addiction go hand in hand, the more you know about them, the easier they are to ditch.

When you’re looking for success…
8 Secrets of Success
This three minute TED Talk by Richard St. John encompasses years of research and interviews to give you the eight reasons as to why people succeed. Apply these tips to all aspects of life; business, relationships, even personal growth. Years after delivering this incredibly motivating TED Talk, St. John’s message still remains true.

When you’re ready to take charge …
How Changing Your Story Can Change Your Life
People tend to want to write their own narratives and come up with their own conclusions for their lives. Often, this train of thinking can be dangerous. It puts you in a box, giving you little perspective to the other narratives available to you. This year, start by listening to Lori Gottlieb as she explains that the story you have written for yourself is not serving you well. This video provides powerful insight that can help you take the first step toward the rest of your life. Rewrite your narrative, 2020 is a new chapter!

When you’re ready to take a stand…
How to Speak Up for Yourself
This decade is all about you. Adam Galinsky speaks on how to navigate situations where you may not be your most comfortable, but know you must make your voice heard. To change your year, you must be confident in yourself and your ideas. Check out this informative TED Talk, get out there and speak your mind!