5 Tips for Establishing a Successful Company Newsletter

In this rapidly changing digital age, email marketing and newsletters have become a hot topic for businesses and marketers alike. How will your business stand out in the sea of emails consumers receive each day? Here are a few tips!

Set a Goal
Knowing why you established your newsletter or emailing marketing campaigns and setting goals for them is key to continued success. These goals will streamline your content and strategy for each email you send. For example, if your team’s goal for email marketing is to drive traffic to your website and increase purchases, your e-blast should always have a clear call to action button that is clickable and takes consumers to your website’s landing page.

Create a Balance
You don’t like being spammed with promotional emails, so why would your readers? Finding a steady balance of email campaigns that keep your audience interested but not overwhelmed is incredibly important. Ensure you have consistent conversations with your consumers. The cadence you decide to set when creating your e-blasts should be consistent so your audience knows what to expect from your email campaigns and how often they will receive them

Review your analytics frequently! Review your open rates frequently to know when your readers are and aren’t opening your emails. Use this data to not only find your sweet spot for sending times, but also to analyze trends and better understand when your audience wants to hear from you.

Make it Easy for Your Readers
Time is money. Your readers won’t hunt around your campaign to find the call to action. Make your purpose clear and central, adding distinctive call to action buttons for your readers to find. While unsubscribing isn’t the goal, it is important to also make it easy for readers to unsubscribe from your campaigns if desired.

Know Your Audience
So what kind of content are your consumers interested in? To get started, think about what value or information you can provide them with that will keep them opening your email. What can your business or brand provide (outside of purely promotional selling of goods and services)that would intrigue your target audience? Maybe you have a blog on your website with tips and how-to’s that can provide value to your readers. Maybe you send your readers a weekly quote of inspiration to kick their Monday off strong. Knowing your audience will help you determine the focus of your campaigns so your content resonates and keeps your readers coming back for more.

If you have multiple target audiences, you might consider segmenting these audiences and adjusting your campaigns accordingly so that each member is receiving the content they crave.

Consistent Design and Layout
The design and layout of your email marketing campaign helps your reader recognize and remember the content you send out and the brand it is coming from. Having a templated design also helps to maintain consistency across your campaigns and ensures all marketing efforts are brand-aligned. Adjustments can be made to your layout to add dimension and variety, but always try to keep select pieces of design that your reader will resonate with when opening each newsletter.

Always aim to grab your reader’s attention with a catchy subject line. The best wait to cut through the noise of a thousand emails is with an eye-catching subject that will force your reader to click for more. We recommend using emojis, catchy phrases or making it relevant to the current moment!

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