Advice to College Students Pursuing a Public Relations Degree

Today’s job market is getting more competitive, and many recent graduates find it challenging to stand out amongst other candidates. We have rounded up some great advice for public relations students to make the most of their four years beyond the required coursework and land an awesome career!

1. Join PRSSA or other public relations clubs on campus

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is an organization that works to benefit students studying public relations or communications. With almost 300 chapters at universities across the United States, there is a high likelihood that your school has one ready for you to join. The organization offers members numerous opportunities to develop their education, network, and career goals. Members also have the support of the parent organization, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

2. Utilize your academic and career services within your university

Most universities offer both of these services in order to provide helpful tools to their students. For instance, your academic advisors can help you select advantageous electives to take based on new areas you wish to explore while your career advisors can help you perfect your resume for upcoming job opportunities. Do not be afraid to set up an appointment!

3. Solidify internship experiences throughout college

Having concrete work experiences sets you apart from others. Work to gain internships to not only build your resume, but also to help you develop PR and communication skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. In addition, interning with an agency could potentially lead to a full-time position post-graduation! We recommend completing at least two PR-specific internships before graduation.

4. Start networking early

Outline potential companies you would be interested in working for after graduation sooner rather than later. You can reach out to employers via email or look to see if they plan to visit your campus. Also, don’t be afraid to message PR professionals to ask for advice on how to get into the industry. You may not realize it, but they will remember you reached out, and this will set you apart from the competition when you graduate. Demonstrated interest goes a long way!

Best of luck to all students who are graduating this semester! If you’re interested in an internship at The Power Group, whether it’s PR or social media, please reach out to [email protected].