Best Internet Holidays of 2020

According to the internet, almost every single day is a holiday. Of course, there are the classics like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s but there are also more creative and exciting ones to celebrate such as World Smile Day, National Pizza Day, and National Siblings Day. Marketers are utilizing these celebrations to enhance social media content, drive traffic/sales and more. Here are some of our favorites for 2020!


February 20th – Love your Pet Day 

Personally, I will use any excuse possible to post pictures of my dog. Following the flood of lovey-dovey pictures from Valentine’s day, employ Love your Pet Day to change up the content a bit! Whether you hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your pet or get your pup’s attention with a Pooch Selfie, everyone enjoys seeing cute pets on Instagram. Beyond social media, dedicate this day to doing everything your pet loves most– going for a walk, getting special treats, or playing with a new toy. 


April 16th – Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day 

The best day of the year in elementary school was Pajama Day and April 16th is the perfect day to continue the fun tradition into adult life. Whether you’re aiming to have the cutest or funniest pajamas, your company will certainly get great content to post. Continue the day dedicated to childhood nostalgia with a themed PJ party at lunch, featuring all the best snacks from your youth (think Yoo-hoos and Scooby Snacks)! You never know, maybe productivity will increase as employees are more comfortable


May 4th – Star Wars Day 

May the Fourth be with you! While it has become a standard internet holiday, May 4th is the perfect opportunity to show your goofy and fun side off on social media. Beyond the internet, many bars, restaurants, and movie theaters have special events to commemorate this holiday. From dressing up as your favorite Star Wars characters to posting hilarious puns, you do not want to miss celebrating this day!


June 1st – National Say Something Nice Day 

While this is an internet holiday, National Say Something Nice Day can be celebrated online and in real life. On June 1st, take extra time to comment nice things on your followers Instagram posts, while encouraging others to spread the positivity. Further, challenge yourself to give at least one compliment to everyone you interact with on this day. You may be surprised how happy you feel after dedicating a day to kindness and generosity! 


July 7th – World Chocolate Day 

Eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seems like the ideal day, but you don’t have to take it that far. On July 7th, treat yourself to something rich and sweet, whether it is a milkshake, cupcake, or candy bar! If you are looking to create social media content, be sure to get an Instagrammable dessert, like a Grand Chocshake from Sablon or the German Chocolate Cake from Cake Bar! Make a whole day out of it by watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!


October 4th – National Taco Day 

While every Tuesday is #TacoTuesday, only one day each year is National Taco Day! Whether you choose to host a homemade taco night or get adventurous at Torchy’s Tacos (be sure to check out their secret menu), everyone will be full and satisfied on National Taco Day! Pair with a frozen margarita, for a bright and colorful photo that will look amazing on your social media feed. 


December 1st – Giving Tuesday 

Following the madness of Black Friday, jumpstart your holiday cheer and celebrations with Giving Tuesday! On Giving Tuesday, the world is empowered to transform their communities with donations and volunteer work. Not only is participating in Giving Tuesday great from a public relations standpoint, but your heart and mind will also feel joy from helping others.