BTS: Q+A with Local Influencers – The Savvy Spoon and Tim vs. Food

Welcome back to our Behind the Scenes series where we chat with local Instagram influencers on all things social media! For this feature, we spoke with The Savvy Spoon and Tim vs. Food. Follow along to learn more about how their lives as influencers evolved!

What prompted you to start The Savvy Spoon?
SS: I’ve always loved cooking and realized it was something that brought me so much joy that I wanted to share that feeling with others. On a whim, I decided to start my blog as a place to encourage others to learn to cook and maybe even fall in love with it like I did!

Tim: I moved to Dallas seven years ago, but moving to a new city, where I had no family or friends, consisted of lonely meals and solo outings. I always had an interest in photography and combined with my love for food, I began my timvsfood adventures. I quickly fell in love with sharing my dining experiences with fellow foodies.

How did you grow your following on social media?
SS: Consistency without a doubt!! I set a goal last new year (yes, before 2020!!!) to post quality content with something to take away every day and have done so ever since. I try very much to mix up the type of content I post between recipes, workout inspiration, Dallas restaurants, healthy ordering, mental and spiritual health and style inspo — I hope that anyone who follows me does so for more than just one reason!

Tim: I started following other local foodies and influencers, began interacting with my followers, and continued to post photos of my food adventures. Eventually I began to receive invitations to events such as new restaurant openings, where I was able to network with fellow Dallas foodies and PR reps, which in turn resulted in more opportunities.

What is one thing you hope your followers know about you?
SS: I am your biggest cheerleader!!! I love seeing people cook my recipes and feel more confident in the kitchen, or take my recommendations in anything I post about that makes you feel like a happier, healthier version of yourself. We’re all in this together!!

Social media trends and predictions for 2021?
SS: TikTok is not going anywhere and I think video content is going to explode even more. I also think people are going to steer away from overly produced photoshoots from influencers and big brands. Real >>>> everything!

Tim: It has already been trending, but videos! TikTok has made short and to-the-point videos popular, and I think the IGTV and Reels features are going to continue to grow and push influencers to put out creative content.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone looking to start their own blog/influencer page?
SS: There is space for everyone. Go micro — find out what you really love doing and feel like you can offer your unique perspective on, then build on that. Don’t try to do everything and be everywhere all at once! Start with what you know, build your following on that niche and then build upon it. Also — and probably most importantly — not everyone is going to like you and that is actually much more powerful. When you try to please everyone, you end up being inauthentic like you’re walking on eggshells. Just be yourself, opinions and all, and people will resonate with you I promise!

Tim: Love what you’re doing and be yourself. Keeping up with being a blogger/influencer can get exhausting at times, so you have to love what you’re doing and take needed breaks or it will mentally and physically drain you.

SS Favorites:

  • TexMex – Mi Cocina for food, Mesero for drinks and service and Javiers for a vibe. We’re in Texas – how can I pick just one!?
  • Italian – Fachini but cannot wait to try Monarch soon — I’ve heard the best things!
  • Burger – Hudson House with extra pickles… drool
  • Happy hour – Park House, Honor Bar and Lounge 31. I love being in the Village and people watching while you sip!
  • Day drinking spot – Not a huge day drinker but I do love a lunchtime marg 🙂
  • Date night spot – Le Bilboquet
  • Unique eats spot – I always get out of my comfort zone at Uchi and I love every bite!

Tim Favorites:

  • TexMex – Not the biggest fan of TexMex, but The Mexican Bar Company is great
  • Italian – Monarch
  • Burger – SkyRocket, Nest Burger and LA Burger
  • Happy hour – Postino and Tasty Tails
  • Day drinking spot – Truck Yard
  • Date night spot – Sushi Sake and Windmills
  • Unique eats spot – Cris & Johns, Barley & Board, Ricky’s Hot Chicken