Delicious and Exciting: 5 of Our Favorite Dallas Foodies

Dallas has its fair share of Instagram-worthy spots to dine at, and honestly, we’re all a little guilty of snapping a quick picture of our food when it arrives. Dallas-based social media foodies are taking things to the next level with their displays of yummy local treats. Keep reading to check out five of The Power Group’s favorite Dallas foodie accounts!

Alex Young, @eatstyledallas

To start off our list of fabulous foodies we have Alex Young. As a resident of Dallas, Young combines his passion for food with his sense of humor and style. His account highlights a wide range of Dallas food and drinks as well as easy at-home recipes for when your wallet is starting to hurt after eating out every night. Young includes fashion tips and wellness advice while still staying true to his foodie reputation, because who doesn’t love a little bit of everything!

Dallas Food Nerd, @dallasfoodnerd

Dallas Food Nerd has been a long-running account that was founded in 2011 by Elysa and Rory. The community-style food account and blog now has more than 20 contributing members. Their team is constantly keeping fans updated with new Dallas restaurants to try, local culinary events, restaurant deals, and so much more. If you’re not already following Dallas Food Nerd, make sure you do, and definitely keep an eye out for their mouth-watering giveaways. 

Kathleen, @dallas_foodie_snob

Kathleen, formerly known as Dallas Sushi Snob, is all about the uber-satisfying food closeups. Kathleen uses the perfect angles, lighting, and filters on her photos, and focuses on emphasizing each individual dish. She also gives detailed descriptions and reviews of each restaurant, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you walk through those doors. While she was strictly sushi in the past, her updated account focuses on every cuisine Dallas offers. If you want to avoid food envy, don’t check her page on an empty stomach!

Cat, @sippin_n_dallas

Cat’s account is an homage to the tastiest bites and sips in Dallas, and it is a gold mine for all things happy hour. Cat highlights the balance between work and play; one second she’s posting wellness and fashion tips on her Instagram stories, and the next there’s a list of the best spots to grab a margarita. This is an account for someone who loves to have an aesthetically pleasing meal. Cat perfectly combines boujee and affordable, and always shouts out local restaurant deals. 

Courtney Stensland, @stensinthecity

Last but not least, we have Courtney Stensland. Her account focuses on the restaurants and pop-ups in the Uptown, Downtown, and Oaklawn areas of Dallas. Stensland has all the fun with her posts, relying on in-depth restaurant and experience descriptions, as well as addicting Instagram Reels. Stensland not only posts delicious food, but she also recommends great cocktails as well. Keep her in mind the next time you’re looking to have a great night on the town with your friends or family.