Fall Fashion Trends We Love

Fall is the most wonderful time of the year – leaves are changing colors, weather is cooler and new fashion trends are on the rise. The Power Group ladies love fashion and are always up to date on the latest trends. Here is what we have found to be the top five fall looks you can’t miss out on!


  • Knit Dresses/Knit Sets

Knit dresses and sets are very popular this season. Knit is the perfect in between for a cozy look that can also be dressed up. Wearing a midi-length dress with sneakers or slides is the perfect daytime outfit, but when you want to dress it up, adding heels and jewelry will totally transform your look.


  • Fringe 

Let’s be honest – when is fringe not in style? We love a classic fringe top, dress, skirt, or jacket for the fall season. Fringe is a fun, yet fashionable look that can be worn in so many different ways with a variety of different accessories. Fringe is the perfect amount of statement but can also be dressed down to create a more casual look. 


  • Artistic Prints

Dramatic artistic prints are the perfect way to express your creative side through fashion. Statement prints are sure to leave a lasting impression and will always make you stand out! Artistic prints are fun, vibrant and can add a fresh look to your fall wardrobe. You can wear prints on anything – shirts, dresses, pants, etc. We also recommend mix and matching prints for a more unique look! 


  • Loafers with Socks 

A new trend that is rising in popularity is pairing your loafers with socks. Celebrities have recently been spotted rocking this preppy, new style.Wearing loafers with socks is a wonderful trend because this look can be worn with basically anything. Throwing on loafers and socks is perfectly acceptable whether you’re going into the office, or hitting the town. Plus, the socks help to keep you warm!


  • Preppy/Collegiate Inspired Outfits

The preppy look is making a comeback! Layering button-downs or turtlenecks under knit vests and pairing with plaid pants is a signature fall look. You can even tie a sweater around your shoulders for an added “preppy” effect. This look is classic and timeless, yet can be spiced up when you pair it with plaid pants and a Lacoste sweater. For added effect, throw in an early 2000’s shoulder bag to your outfit!