My Office is Incomplete Without…

If you’re going to spend eight plus hours a day somewhere, the least you can do is make it cute! We make our desk spaces a reflection of ourselves so it’s a place to dream about even when we are OOO. Here’s some of the things our Power Players can’t work without:



My office is incomplete without my Dyson Air Multiplier desk fan. Most of the ladies in the office are cold-natured and I am not, so I always have my fan running. This fan is great because it is very sleek and goes well with our modern, white decor. It also emits a nice sound that is relaxing while I work!



My office is incomplete without my Paper Source desk calendar. One of my favorite times of the year is in January when I have a fresh calendar and get to update it with all of my important work and personal dates for the year. The team even bought me one for my birthday last year because they know how much I use it! It is crucial for my organization. 



My office is incomplete without my Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens. Whether I’m jotting down notes, marking off my to-do list or writing in my calendar these colorful pens help keep me organized. As someone who writes down anything and everything having multi-colored pens allow me to organize tasks by color. Not to mention they glide across paper and make my handwriting legible! 



My office is incomplete without the loving and motivational sticky notes that my children have left me all over my desk. Here’s a shoutout to Post-It notes



My corner office wouldn’t be complete without my desk cactus – it has been with me for as long as I have been at TPG! I’m shocked I haven’t killed it yet.



My office is incomplete with my Pilot G-2 Ultra Fine Point 0.38 Black Pens. I’ve been using these pens since high school and I can’t stand writing without them! I’m a stickler for neatness, especially in handwriting, and these pens deliver just that. 



My desk is incomplete without my time batching cube! Each side has a different time increment which makes it so easy to stay on task and get stuff done. 



One thing I can’t work without is my coffee! My favorite coffee mug was given to me by Power Player, Kortni. It’s my absolute favorite to feed my caffeine addiction.