Power Client BuchaLada Brand Launch Recap

Four Corners Brewing Co. is a Dallas-based craft beer brewer known throughout the Metroplex and Texas for its local brews. Four Corners partnered with The Power Group to help launch its latest product, a lineup of boozy kombucha seltzers called BuchaLada.

The Power Group tapped into our media relations, influencer marketing and event management skills to bring BuchaLada’s fruity, fizzy and fun flavor profiles to the Metroplex and beyond. Our local and industry trade connections resulted in 13 media mentions that reached a national audience of 7,779,089 and equated to a PR value of $178,921. Highlights included a piece in Thrillist, the Dallas Observer and NBC’s Texas Today.

BuchaLada also partnered with The Power Group to coordinate a Dallas influencer launch event that would introduce the new brand to Four Corners’ leading market. The Power Group secured a venue that matched BuchaLada’s aesthetic and coordinated catering, photography and a DJ to make sure the event was one to remember. We had more than 20 influencers and their plus ones attend the launch event, which resulted in 38 influencer mentions.

The Power Group’s combined media, influencer and event support helped BuchaLada generate a lot of “local buzz” (pun intended) in the Dallas market through brand awareness and establishing key relationships.