Power Picks: Favorite Apps

In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone. From Androids to the latest version of Apple’s iPhone, it’s safe to say society has moved to all things digital. Apps are a huge part of how we interact online. Our #PowerPlayers compiled a list of our favorites below. Whether you’re interested in organization and navigation or fitness and horoscopes, we’ve got you covered!

My favorite app was actually introduced to me by our colleague, Anna! Goodreads is an app that helps you keep up with all the books you have read and those you would like to read. I love this app because it allows me to set yearly reading goals and track my progress along the way. I also enjoy updating where I am at in a book in real time – Goodreads then tells me the percent I have left to read! This app also provides reviews from other users, so you can make sure you’re always choosing the best novels.

One of my favorite apps is ClassPass – an app that allows you to pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for credits to book workout classes, beauty/wellness services and more. I prefer to pay a single monthly subscription with the freedom to drop into my favorite fitness studios around town. From pilates and cycle to HIIT, ClassPass has it all!

Insight Timer is my favorite app. The name is strange but the content is anything but! I love to start my day with a 10-minute inspo called “Morning Ease: A New Way of Being.” When I need to focus and I am working on a 30-minute content sprint, I like to turn on the rain sounds which keep me focused on the task at hand. The content is free. You can favorite your contributors and even donate to them. I think I will try a yoga class next!

It may sound silly, but two of my favorite apps (outside of the ones I frequently use to keep up on social media) are Daily Horoscope and Co-Star! I love checking my horoscope each morning to see if it aligns with how I am feeling or what I may be able to expect throughout the day. Co-Star even lets you link up with your friends’ profiles to see where you are overlapping each day.

I went on a few trips this summer and decided it was time to elevate my photo game – enter the Tezza App to the rescue. Tezza App, a photo and video editing app, can take the simplest image from mundane to masterpiece! My favorite filters are Vintage, Natural and Fridays. I also love to play around with the effects, particularly Shimmy and Glitter.

It’s basic but my favorite app that has been a lifesaver for me is Google Photos. I love taking photos to capture memories and moments in time, but I hate how much room they take up on your phone and I stubbornly refuse to pay for additional storage. Google Photos allows me to move all of my photos into the cloud and access them via the app at any time. There is no limit! Should I ever need to download a photo back to my phone to send to a friend, it’s easy to do so with a couple of clicks. Goodbye to the annoying “storage full” notifications!

I am terrible with directions and have been going on road trips every few weekends to visit my friends, so Waze has been a lifesaver! As someone who suffers from leadfoot, Waze keeps my speed in check and lets me know if a cop has been spotted near me. Waze is powered by users and shares real-time information that reports traffic conditions, speed traps, construction, roadblocks, accidents and more.

My favorite app is called “Think Dirty”. Yes, the name sounds funny but it’s been so helpful for me! The app allows you to scan household products – from cleaning to beauty – to see how hazardous or healthy they are for you and the environment. Ever read the back of a shampoo bottle and realize you don’t know what the ingredients are? Well, this app actually breaks it all down and lets you know what those ingredients are and if they are good or bad for you. Think Dirty has helped me get rid of many products that I had no idea were harmful! I have become more cautious now when it comes to purchasing products.

I love lists. No matter what I have going on in my personal and work life, everything makes its way onto a list. My favorite app is Google Keep. Google Keep is a note-taking app that allows you to have multiple notes and to-do lists running at once. The app allows for a variety of kinds of notes such as lists, plain text, images and audio. You can color coordinate each note and mark things off your lists as you complete them. One of my favorite things about Google Keep is that it allows you to access your notes from any device. I have found my most success in staying organized with Google Keep than any other note-taking process.

One of the main apps I have been using for years is called Timehop! I love this app because it collects info from all your social media apps and your iPhone photos to give you a compilation of what you were doing on this day, one year, five years or even 10 years ago depending on how far back your data goes. I love being able to look back and see snapshots of these memories over the years all in one place.