Power Picks: Favorite Broadcast Reporters

Broadcast journalists research and present news on radio, TV and online, telling stories in a compelling way that captivates audiences. We watch our fair share of news and have a few go-to’s when it comes to broadcast reporters. Here are some of the journalists we consistently tune in to watch!

On the national level, my favorite reporter has always been Bobbie Thomas. She is a fashion journalist and the Style Editor for NBC’s TODAY Show. While she isn’t on every day, I enjoy her occasional segments full of the latest hair and skincare hacks. She’s also super fun to follow on Instagram. Locally, Meredith Land has been a favorite of mine for years. I grew up watching NBC5 and always admired how poised she is. She uses Instagram stories, @thelandlinenews, to share daily news updates which I enjoy tapping through. 


When I moved to Dallas in the fall of ‘90 I started watching Channel 8 and of course, that means Dale Hansen. I respect him for his honesty, how he is committed to honoring student-athletes and he is just really, really funny – especially watching him banter with weatherman Pete Delkus, another favorite. I also love Mo Rocca with NPR and CBS Sunday Morning for his funny observations about life. 


My love for Twitter is a running joke at TPG. In recent years the platform was definitely on the decline, but I would say that it is making a comeback! I love following Sarah Blaskovich with The Dallas Morning News for my local restaurant fix. Allison Harris with FOX4 is also great for daily news updates for DFW, and Peter Alexander with NBC News is who I like to follow for national news. 


Locally I try and keep tabs on all of our DFW stations. I have loved watching Sonia Azad’s health and wellness-focused segments on WFAA. We have worked with her in the past and she has so much passion for what she does. During the COVID-19 outbreak, I have been tuning-in to Cuomo Prime Time on CNN. Chris had contracted the virus and provided nightly updates from his basement on his personal condition and important national news, which has made the entire situation seem even more real as he was going through it.


I’ve always grown up watching NBC so it’s no surprise that my two favorite anchors have had long careers at the network. I remember Brian Curtis lighting up the screen at 6:00 pm every weeknight and have always trusted him to deliver both the good and the bad news happening in the DFW metroplex. When it comes to national news, I also look to a trustworthy NBC name, Lester Holt. Dateline is a staple in my home and I’ve always found his style to be both engaging and sincere. 


I have a few hometown favorites in Nashville including Demetria Kalodimos with Channel 4 and Brian Curtis with Rhori Johnston with Channel 5. It’s funny, I can still hear Demetria’s voice with breaking news after watching her throughout my childhood! Since moving to Dallas, I’ve become a huge fan of Good Morning Texas. I love watching Alanna Sarabia for informative, fun segments. On a national level, I will always be a fan of Jenna Bush Hager from TODAY with Hoda & Jenna after meeting her at a restaurant in Dallas several years ago. I still frequently pick up her book club books and love keeping up with her kids on social! 


I grew up watching 60 Minutes on CBS News and I always associate the ticking clock with being in my childhood home waiting for dinner to be served! Diane Sawyer was the first female correspondent and I think she serves as such a powerful role model for women in journalism. One of my favorite segments was her sit down with Amanda Knox in 2013.