Power Picks: Favorite Products to Keep Clean

It is important to have reliable cleaning supplies all the time, but especially during a pandemic. From phone UV sanitizers to disinfecting wipes, we have some go-to’s when it comes to cleaning. Here is a list of some game-changing products that are TPG #PowerPlayer approved! 

About a year ago I discovered Method’s Daily Shower Spray and my bathroom is forever changed! I hate cleaning the shower – it grosses me out! With this spray, I am able to do a deep clean less frequently. I leave the bottle in my shower and give it a generous spray down each time after I’m done. The minty fresh scent leaves my bathroom smelling very nice. I also love to purchase the refill packs instead of getting a new bottle each time. Saves money and the planet!

I’ve got one word for you. Pine-Sol It’s tried, trusted and mom-approved. 

My favorite cleaning product just so happens to be a client of ours! Wipeys is a line of clean, non-toxic and biodegradable wet wipes that comes in four task-specific options – Device, Face, Surface and Hands. I use them all the time and they were so helpful when I flew on my first flight last week. The products are sold out on Wipeys’ website, but you can still buy them on Shopbop until they restock.

I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but I would love to try the Casetify phone UV sanitizer. It works to charge your phone while also sterilizing it! Our phones have so many germs so I think this is genius. Bonus, all of the proceeds support medical responders with supplies! 

I’ve been obsessed with the Trader Joe’s Grapefruit & Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray! It has a super refreshing and unique scent that makes it feel more like a perfume and less like a sanitizer. It also comes in a spray bottle that always fits in my cup holder, purse, or even my pocket. It’s my go-to for keeping myself and the area around me clean at all times!

I could not live without my magic eraser! It erases hard to clean stovetop marks and scuffs on walls and furniture. Also, they are great for cleaning leather in your car! Although I’ve tried tons of natural products, I still go back to my trusted 409 spray to wipe down counters and other surfaces. 

Honestly, my go-to cleaning product is Lysol Disinfectant Wipes, so I am pretty bummed that the pandemic has made them so hard to find! I am not a fan of sponges so a quick wipe here and there to keep my surfaces clean makes me one happy gal. It’s on my to-do list to find wipes with ‘cleaner’ ingredients. 

I am a huge fan of Weleda Skin Food, which you can purchase at Target. My skin is naturally very dry, so this moisturizer makes my face feel soft and keeps it moisturized all day. Since I have been washing my hands so much this is a must!  

My mom is a huge advocate for Weiman Granite, Stainless Steel and Leather wipes, and now she’s got me hooked too! Weiman products are easy to use, and they keep the house looking clean and smelling fresh. Weiman wipes are convenient because you can use them quickly, and most importantly, they’re inexpensive!

I definitely inherited this from my Dad, but I would have to say Windex! He always convinced me when I was young that Windex can clean anything and I have always stuck to it. While I haven’t swapped out simple Windex for other all-purpose cleaners around my apartment, Windex will always be my go-to.