Power Picks: Favorite Quarantine Purchases

Raise your hand if your online shopping habit has become an obsession during quarantine! ????We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite purchases during our time at home. Don’t forget, the virus can live on surfaces, so always sanitize your packages before opening!

1. Kortni – Apple AirPods

Since quarantine has started we obviously have had to change our workout regimens. I am typically one to hit up a spin class or boot camp type workout. With gyms being closed, we have been forced to workout at home which has led me to running outside. I guess you could say I’ve been a bit behind the times going without AirPods for so long! I don’t use them at work and have separate noise-canceling headphones I like to use on airplanes. Running is already hard and can be even more difficult when you have a cord slapping you in the face. I decided to purchase AirPods (went with the second generation, not pro) once I realized this would be my new norm and it has forever changed the game for me. Next up – an armband to hold my phone!


2. Caroline – Crest Whitestrips

One thing I never seemed to have time for before working from home was keeping my teeth white. As someone who loves coffee, red wine, and other teeth-staining foods and drinks, my pearly whites are not as pearly as I wanted them to be. The additional downtime has allowed me to commit much more time to my dental care. I’ve been using these strips for 20 minutes every other day for about two weeks and my teeth have never looked better. I would highly recommend taking the time to care for your teeth as it’s helped me boost my confidence and gives me another reason to smile during this crazy time! 


3. Anna – Bala Bangles 

When doing at-home workout videos and IG Lives, I’ve been using my mom’s old ankle weights that slide off easily. I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase Bala Bangles in 2 lbs, which I’d had on my list for a while. I think I might have waited too long, because it took me over 2 weeks to find them in stock! I finally found them at a barre studio in Florida. I love adding them to my Aubre Winters workouts, and have enjoyed the added challenge on neighborhood walks. 


4. Catherine – Quip 

Once our office went remote, I came to Charleston to quarantine with my family. I was not expecting to be here nearly this long so after a couple of weeks, I headed to Target and to get more toiletries and clothes. One of the things I needed was a new electric toothbrush since the battery had died on mine and my charger is in Dallas, so I bought a Quip. After using it for a week I am obsessed! It is light, small and will be great for travel once we are able to again. The toothbrush also has an automatic two-minute timer with 30-second pulses to ensure you spend enough time brushing those pearly whites! 


5. Catie – Barefoot Dreams Loungewear

I have always preferred to spend more money on clothes that I wear out of the house than those I wear while at home, often opting for old sweats I have had for years instead of buying new ones. This time of self-quarantine called for me to break that cycle and splurge on the comfiest loungewear I have ever owned! You hear people rave all the time about Barefoot Dreams blankets and how cozy they are and their loungewear pieces are no different. After first just buying one cardigan, I ended up buying a whole matching set of sweats and sweaters to wear around my apartment while I am working from home. 


6. Julia – Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress

Prior to the stay at home order in Dallas, I had purchased a workout set from Outdoor Voices NorthPark and ended up absolutely loving it so much that I turned to the OV website to look for more. When I started to browse, I noticed that one of the brand’s best sellers is its Exercise Dress – at first I was skeptical, but decided to purchase one and give it a try. Well it’s safe to say I am sold on this item. The first one I ordered was a light pink and I have since bought another in a purple hue. The dress is perfect for all the walks I have been going on and is so comfortable to lounge and work from home in. It also has built-in shorts with a hidden pocket for your phone. To all the ladies out there searching for something different than your normal leggings, go take a look!


7. Amy – Robinhood Commission-Free Investing App

It was my husband’s idea so sure, I’ll play along! I downloaded the Robinhood investing app because my husband and I have a “stock challenge” going. My first purchases have been … hmmm, maybe I’ll keep that stock tip to myself! In all seriousness, I’ve normally left investing to the financial experts, so this exercise in opening and closing bells, wild stock market rides and a sudden awareness of oil futures has definitely increased my financial acumen in the first 24-hours of having this new app on my phone. Warning though – just like the tables in Vegas, don’t invest more than you care to lose whether it be $1 or $1,000. Buy low, sell high, and have some fun in the process!


8. Brooke – Drew House Slippers

These house slippers are a highlight of getting “dressed” nowadays! I have been a Justin Bieber fan since I was little and have recently binged his YouTube series, Seasons. I kept seeing this smiley face all over my Instagram and in the series, so I finally had to purchase something from his clothing line for myself! These slippers have become a lounging staple and a reminder to keep on smiling.