Power Picks: Favorite Summer Accessories

Warm weather outfits are swaying more lowkey this year with less time spent outdoors. Accessories are the key component to elevating your summer loungewear look. Our team has a few favorites! From hair accessories to masks, we recommend checking out these products and brands!

Lately, I have been obsessed with my Lele Sadoughi headbands! They are the perfect thing to throw on when you are having a rough hair day but want to look put together. My favorite is the cheetah print! Who says cheetah print can’t be neutral?

I have always been a dainty jewelry person, and a couple of months ago the brand Aurate NY popped up on my Instagram feed. I had been wanting a simple chain link necklace that I could wear every day and they had the perfect necklace that I ordered. I wear this every day and it is insanely good quality! It hasn’t tarnished at all after months of wearing it outside or getting sunscreen and other products on it.

I’ve been staying out of the nail salons during the pandemic so I gave Babyfoot a try. It really works and the Power toes are sandal-ready. They really do live up to their brand promise of a “simple way to smooth, soft feet.”

How can I pick just one! I feel like I have been more active than ever on the online shopping scene but my summer favorite so far would have to be my large Slip scrunchies! I used to use the thin Slip scrunchies but recently invested in the thicker ones to hold in all my hair. These scrunchies are made with 100% silk and SO good for your hair. They do not snag or pull but keep your hair tightly up in a pony. These scrunchies are my go-to’s for lunchtime walks with Harley and for wearing to bed and not have a hair crease in the morning. Did I mention they are super stylish too?

I’d never thought I would be saying this, but one of my favorite ‘must-have’ accessories this summer is my tie-dye mask from Stoney Clover Lane and my colorful masks from Johnny Was. I always get compliments when I have them on. With all the fun designs and accents, it’s not too bad having to wear a mask!

My go-to summer accessory is a bandana I got from Madewell last year. I like wearing it around my neck, using it as a stylish mask and tying my hair up with it. Bandanas are a truly multi-faceted, must-have accessory.

I’ll take anything I can to combat the Texas heat, so this summer I splurged on the YETI Slim Can Insulator, and I’m obsessed! It keeps spiked seltzers and La Croix Curates nice and cold. I love throwing it in my pool bag or bringing it along for a picnic.

One of my friends gave me the Willshire Charm Adjustable Necklace by gorjana as a graduation present, and I haven’t taken it off since! I only wear gold jewelry, so this necklace matches all of my other accessories perfectly and adds a dainty touch to any outfit. If you’re looking for sleek and high-quality jewelry, gorjana has great options!

I have worn my Gucci slide sandals now more than ever! Don’t let the label fool you, even for a designer brand these are very casual, plastic sandals. I usually wear these slip-on shoes to the gym or pool only, but this year I have been pairing them with outfits more frequently. The colors are fun and can be dressed up or down. I’ve already purchased a second pair since I am getting so much wear out of them!

I recently invested in a 40 oz Hydro Flask! I initially purchased it so that I would stay more hydrated around the house, but now I always seem to have it on me so I can sip on it while I work, drive, etc. It keeps my water cold for an insanely long time and I carry it everywhere I go now!