Power Picks: How We Stay Organized

Organization is the key to success! It increases your productivity and helps you to avoid errors. Our Power team came together to provide you with a few tips and tricks on how to stay organized. Check out all our organization hacks below!


I have been an organizational queen since I was born! The key to my success is handwritten to-do lists. I need to physically write down everything or it gets lost. Every Monday I start a new list separated by client for my weekly to-dos. When I finish an item, I cross it off my list and move on to the next!


Sometimes you simply can’t beat pen to paper. I have tried a number of task apps and organization tools to stay organized but at the end of the day, I love my simple pen to paper to-do list. There is something so satisfying about physically crossing off a task or assignment once completed. Secondary to my pen and paper to-do list, I also keep myself organized with calendar holds and invites so I never miss a deadline. Sounds simple but it is what I found to truly be the most effective. 


Some of my colleagues have nicknamed me the “task-master”, so you have to know I love to stay extremely organized! One of my favorite tips for those who manage a ton of emails at work is creating folders within Outlook and moving emails to the folders once items are completed. If an email is in my inbox, that means something isn’t done. My weekly goal is to always have an empty inbox by the end of the day on Fridays – this means I’ve completed everything I needed to get done that week and can start fresh the following Monday. I also am a huge list-maker. I keep magnetic notepads on my refrigerator. Each Sunday, I make my grocery, menu, personal to-do and workout lists for the week. This process holds me accountable and it feels good to check things off as I tackle them!


Staying organized is the key to success! Each morning, I write my daily goals in my 5 Minute Journal to start the day off on a positive note. I also love to write my work to-do list each morning on a fresh sheet of notebook paper. Once I complete a task, I will highlight it and if a task does not get completed, I will move to the next day. I also like to keep important emails flagged in my inbox to remind me to handle certain projects. Lastly, my outlook calendar helps me to see my calls or meetings for the day and also sends me notifications 15 minutes before a meeting which is super helpful. 


I live and breathe by lists and my calendar – things are always shifting and priorities need to adjust, so having a spot where everything is broken down helps me truly visualize what’s on my plate. First, I make sure all deadlines and items are noted. Even small things like “follow up for response” or “deadline for award” are included. From there, I create one document per week that breaks down everything I need to do that week by day, then by client then by priority. Items that are high priority are highlighted in yellow, so I can see right away what has to be done as soon as I get in. As soon as a project is done, I get a real sense of relief striking through it. Whenever something new comes up, like an action item from a call or a new project, I aim to add it to my list immediately!


I am all about the lists!!  Every day I make professional and personal to-do lists. I also make so many reminders and personal notes for myself all in my “Notes” app on my phone. I currently have 2,723 note pages in my app and really don’t know how I would remember or keep track of my life without this app. 


Staying organized is so important in order to have a clear mind! Every day after work, I make a to-do list for the following day, so when I wake up, I can look at it and know exactly what I need to get done for the day. If I fail to get something done, I will move it to the next day. 


Organization is what keeps my daily routine in check! In order to have a successful day at work and beyond, I start my morning’s off with a workout to clear my head. This allows me to be open-minded and energized for what is ahead as I then draft a to-do list for the day. I like to keep track of to-dos on my computer, specifically on the “notes” app so I can easily open it and make a bullet point list to follow. When items are done, I delete them. Tasks that were not completed, or can rollover stay in the notes and are accomplished the following day. Also, in Outlook, I make folders for different client’s so I never miss an email, request or deadline. Even if I can not answer right away, it is in the corresponding folder so I won’t forget about it. 


I am the self-proclaimed planner queen and cannot live without my daily planner for work! My planner is the best tool to keep track of what I have to do the current or next day, and I can also write down reminders or to-dos days, weeks or even months out so I don’t forget. I also have a master to-do list in a Word document on my computer, where I have a running list of tasks for all of my clients. I review this at the end of each day and transfer tasks over to my planner that need to be completed the following day. This helps me short and long-term plan simultaneously, which allows me to be more efficient with my work.


To be completely honest, I am not the most organized compared to most. But when it comes to work, I have to pull myself together. I work better when I physically write my to-do list out rather than typing it. At the beginning of every week/day, I write in my planner and sticky notes app what I need to get done. It is crucial that I have my list of to-do’s in front of me at all times to keep me on track. So, if anyone was wondering how a very unorganized person in every aspect of life somehow becomes organized in the workplace…..write EVERYTHING down EVERYWHERE.