Power Picks: New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new you, new goals and resolutions to set and try and stay on top of in 2020! Check out what our Power Players are passionate about doing, changing and learning in the new year.



Typically I do not set New Year’s resolutions, instead, I pick one challenging thing I can stick to for the month of January. The past two years I have done Whole30 and ‘dry January’ both manageable, but still test my determination to succeed. As we approach a new decade, I am more inclined to choose an overall lifestyle mindset to steer towards. For example, in 2020, I would like to run a 5K, practice clean eating (more often), take better care of my skin, continue to travel to new destinations and actively do more Dallas activities (museums, trolley etc.).



I think the key to a successful New Year’s resolution is making it something simple! This year, I want to get my nail health back and give my nails a break from the toxic chemicals of dip powder and gel polish. Also, I think drinking more water and eating clean are always a priority come the first of the year after indulging a little for the holiday season. #SweaterWeather!



Although I have never been able to follow through with my New Year’s resolution before, in 2020 I am making a commitment to consistently exercise. This year, I have consistently worked out at Class Studios about three to four times a week but in 2020 I want to work out at least 5 times a week. Also, while I have typically just stuck to Cycle classes, I hope to mix it up with more strength training and HIIT classes! 



Each year I don’t set one specific resolution. I tend to set 5-10 bigger goals for myself. I always write these down in early January and hold myself accountable throughout the year by revisiting them. A few of the goals I plan to set are read 24 books (in 2019 I hit 20!), run a 5k, only eat fried foods on the weekends and visit at least 2 new states.



When it comes to resolutions I try to pick something challenging but doable in order to not start off my year with a disappointment. This year, I plan to cook at least 15 meals (including breakfast, lunch and dinner) a week at home. I recently got a Hello Fresh subscription. This helps me to not only plan my weekly meals but also each box comes with a detailed recipe so I easily replicate the meal again. 



I’ve never been a big resolution person, I like to set goals on my birthday for the next age instead! For this next season of life I am focusing on making decisions that will get me to where I hope to be in life by age 30. I hope to feel more confident in my own skin, continue to develop key skills for my career and save more money by eating out less. 



After 20 years of building The Power Group I am more committed than ever to my brand and I truly believe the best is yet to come. Rather than a resolution, I like to set a theme for the year. Past themes have been, “lead, don’t manage” and “reputation, reputation, reputation”. These serve as reminders of what will keep me focused on the right things which are growing my company, developing my employees and nourishing my family. Like any entrepreneur, we sacrifice things, mostly time with our family and friends and personal wellness times as we build our companies. This year, my theme is “health is wealth.” I think it will help me put myself first because without health, you have nothing.    



In the past I’ve seen the most success with setting reading resolutions. This past year, my goal was ambitious, at 40 books. I’ve read 26 so far. Next year I’m aiming a little lower at 35, which will still be difficult to hit! I find tracking my reading through Goodreads’ yearly reading challenge keeps me accountable. 



New Year’s resolutions have never been something I set during the holiday season. In the past, I have always set longer-term goals related to my time playing soccer at Southern Methodist University. These goals centered more around performance during and leading up to season and less around the new year. However, these goals were frequently set around the benchmarks I would set for my athletic performance and being at the top of my game. Since retiring from my athletic career, I have embarked on a new chapter in my life focused on my professional career. Now, I am focused on my long term career goals and overall life goals that will drive me to the life that I envision for myself. Heading into the new year, I am focused on continuing to learn and grow in my career and living a healthier lifestyle.