Power Picks: Our Favorite Dallas Coffee Shops

Dallas is full of unique coffee shops with funky menu items and flavors. Starbucks will always be a staple, but we’ve compiled a list of our other local favorites!


Being known as the coffeeholic in the office definitely requires knowing some of the best coffee spots in Dallas! I switch between drinking my coffee black and opting for a flavor-filled, lavender oat milk latte. A few of my all-time favorite Dallas coffee shops are Mudsmith, La La Land Kind Cafe, and Toasted. If I had to choose a current favorite, it would have to be Ascension because their coffee is always consistent and delicious! Surprisingly enough however, my fall coffee order comes from the staple coffee industry giant Starbucks: Pumpkin Cold Brew. I can’t get enough of this new fall drink. I had 4 in one day once, oops!



I am a sucker for sipping on coffee at my apartment since I just got a Nespresso (which I highly recommend). When I do want to indulge at a coffee shop, I love Café Victoria in Victory Park! The Chai Latte with vanilla added is my go to for sweater weather. If you are a tea drinker, then I am sure you will love this latte! 



It may be basic, but my favorite coffee shop is Starbucks in West Village since it is so close to my apartment. I love sitting on the outside patio studying for a test or working on projects for The Power Group with my dog. My go-to order, year-round, is a grande iced caramel macchiato — it could be snowing and I would still get iced coffee!  



One of my very favorite coffee shops in Dallas is White Rock Coffee. Even though they now have a few locations, I enjoy supporting local small businesses. Plus the Lakewood location has a drive-thru – convenience is key! My go-to order during the fall is a vanilla latte from White Rock Coffee or a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks.



I’m rarely a coffee drinker (talk about jitters!), but I love a good coffee shop! I often stop by Mudsmith when I need a retreat. I love the cozy, relaxed environment and their aged leather chairs. My favorite fall drink order is a chai tea latte. The spicy, cinnamony aroma transports me to sub-60 temps and crunching leaves! 



My favorite coffee shop in Dallas is La La Land Kind Cafe. This coffee shop near Lowest Greenville empowers foster youth who have reached the age of 18 and no longer receive assistance. I love the happiness of bright yellow everywhere and mission behind the brand. 

My go-to drink is the iced lavender bloom matcha.



I am not an avid coffee drinker so my favorite coffee spots need one of two things: loose leaf tea and a signature hot chocolate. Houndstooth Coffee in Knox Henderson offers a pot of tea for under four dollars and a hot chocolate worth splurging on. This quaint shop is near my apartment, so I love to get a tea to-go on my morning walks with my pup! 



Anyone who knows me knows how much I heart coffee! In Houston, there are so many great coffee shops but there are two I always go back to — Tout Suite and Antidote. Tout Suite is east of Downtown Houston and has everything from fabulous pastries to breakfast tacos, salads and sandwiches. Antidote, which is located in The Heights, also serves a wonderful cup of coffee, but has a very laid back, neighborhood feel I really enjoy! Winter, spring, summer or fall, my go-to order is always a vanilla soy latte with an extra shot of espresso! (I always say I’m going to change it up — I never do.)



My favorite coffee shop humbly sits on Davis Street Espresso in the heart of Oak Cliff. It’s my favorite because the entrepreneur, Shannon Neffendorf, is a coffee-purist. He travels to Ethiopia and Guatemala to source his own beans and he roasts his own coffee. His dedication to making the best cup of coffee is the reason why he is so successful. His passion for coffee is akin to a winemaker’s enthusiasm for the finest Bordeaux.