Power Picks: Self-Care

The most wonderful time of the year comes with a little extra stress. Traveling, shopping for gifts, family time and the general chaos of the holidays can make it hard for you to prioritize yourself! According to a study conducted last year by the University of Buffalo, time we spend shutting out the world is often our most creative. Indulge in a little “me time” to keep you sane this holiday season with some of our Power Player’s favorite ways to treat themselves – because you and your sanity are worth it! 



When I’m feeling overwhelmed or need a little personal time I open up my laptop and head straight to Nordstrom.com. Shopping is my favorite form of self-care. I tend to do most of my shopping online, but when I’m feeling more active I like to make my rounds through NorthPark and the Shops at Park Lane. I never leave Nordstrom Rack or Home Goods empty handed!



There are a few things that keep me sane – getting enough sleep, working out and spending time with family. Each night I try to relax before bed by catching up on Suits, the latest ABC TGIT show or reading our latest book club choice. It’s a good night if lights are out by 10:30. A few days a week I make myself workout even though it can be a pain. I always feel better after finishing a cycling or train session at Class Studios. On Sundays, since I am close to my childhood home, I enjoy catching up with my mom and cuddling with her dogs to round out my weekend.



One of my favorite ways to unwind is by cooking a new recipe. I love The Defined Dish’s recipes because they’re easy and healthy-ish. Recently, I made her Shrimp Etoufee as well as her Chicken and Dumplings! Both were delicious. While I chop up veggies and marinate my meat, I like to watch Queer Eye, which makes the whole experience that much more relaxing! I also enjoy reading, taking hot baths with Lush bath bombs and listening to podcasts for self-care.



My latest and favorite self-care habit is spending 45 minutes in a sauna cabin at Glow Sauna Studios! As the weather in Dallas continues to get colder, nothing feels better than sweating out all my stress. In the cabin, there is a little TV that you can watch your favorite Netflix shows on (usually I turn on an old episode of Criminal Minds) and Infrared lights you can change to tailor specific health concerns, from skin rejuvenation to blood pressure reduction. I am so obsessed that I have been going about twice a week for the past few months! 



I quickly realized the importance of self-care after graduating college. Your “me time” is cut down significantly, and it’s vital to take care of yourself when you have the time! I love to treat myself to an item or two at Zara as a pick-me-up. Pro tip: the Galleria Zara has way better options than the NorthPark store! If I really feel like treating myself, I head over to the Adolphus Spa for an aromatherapy massage. 



My favorite way to unwind is to take a detox bath. At least once a week I fill up my tub with hot water and Dr. Teals Lavender Epsom Salt. Before sinking in for a good hour or so I like to light my favorite Anthropologie French Cade Lavender candle, turn off all the lights and turn on a podcast like The Dollop

Spending this time relaxing and not focused on anything but being comfortable helps me stay sane and fully prepared to take on whatever the next week has in store for me! 



My favorite way to unwind after a long day is by using my new facial steamer! I found this one on Amazon that I am obsessed with – it’s even pink! You can put essential oils in it if you’re feeling adventurous, I prefer lavender or eucalyptus if I’m congested. I like to put on my Barefoot Dreams fuzzy robe while letting my face steam for 10 minutes before doing a face mask and the rest of my skincare routine. The steam really opens up your pores and allows the products you’re using absorb in. After I give my skin some TLC, I like to unwind by watching The Morning Show with a glass of pinot noir (Willamette Valley pinot is my fave) This really is the cherry on top to any stressful day!