Power Picks: Binge-Worthy TV Shows

COVID-19 has forced Americans to isolate themselves at home leading to an increased use in one thing in particular – streaming services. From Netflix and Hulu to HBO GO and Disney+, people around the world are turning to the TV for entertainment. Our Power Players created a list of the team’s favorite, most binge-worthy shows to share!



The best show I have watched since Game of Thrones is Succession on HBO. The show follows a media mogul, Logan Roy, and his family as he navigates through the decision of which child will succeed his CEO role at the company. Many critics believe the show is based on the Murdochs. With two seasons available and a third coming out this summer, this is the perfect time to binge Succession. 



I am the type of person that watches Netflix shows as soon as they’re released. My friends are always asking me for binge-worthy suggestions. I’m a big fan of all the basics – Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, SATC, You, Criminal Minds, Nashville, Girls, The Walking Dead etc. A few other shows I enjoyed that aren’t so mainstream include: Jack Ryan, The Night Of, Homeland, Ozark and Yellowstone. I also love to watch 20/20 on Hulu when I’m in the mood for a one-off episode.



For a shorter binge, you should definitely try out the Netflix fan-favorite, Altered Carbon. The Sci-fi story is based 360 years in the future where humans can essentially live forever by having their consciousness transferred into a new ‘sleeve’ or body. I was able to speed through the show in a week and am currently impatiently waiting for the third season. 



With five seasons available on Netflix, Schitt’s Creek is a great show to consider when you are looking to binge watch. When a once wealthy family of four find themselves broke, they are forced to move into a motel in a small town they bought as a joke – Schitt’s Creek. The spoiled Rose family has to adjust to a new life, drastically different from the one they left behind. The episodes are short and will leave you laughing as you fall in love with the cast. 



My all-time favorite binge is Grey’s Anatomy. Watching the group of doctors navigate relationships, career advancements and more is so much fun to watch. I’m particularly invested in the first few seasons with the original cast. With over 350 episodes, this binge will leave you occupied for weeks! 



I recently started watching McMillions on HBO and I am obsessed! I love a good docuseries because sometimes things that happen in real life are even wilder than the imagination. This show dives into the scam behind the McDonald’s Monopoly game promotion that was so popular in the 90s. Not only is it a mystery unfolding before your eyes, but a little taste of nostalgia from the past!