Power Plates: Holiday Cheese Board

A holiday celebration without a cheese board is like Thanksgiving without turkey simply not going to cut it! The TPG #PowerPlayers recreated this ultra festive IG cheese board and we were very happy with the results! With a few ingredients, some crafty arranging and a little touch of Holiday cheer, your dinner party will go from drab to fab in just a matter of minutes! 


Step 1. 

Create the “wreath” by using a green herb of your choice. The original inspiration used eucalyptus, but we opted for dill!

Step 2. 

Cut cheddar cheese into triangles and place about five pieces around the circle. Any cheese of your preference will work for this step, but the harder (and less creamy) the cheese the better.

Step 3. 

To brie or not to brie? The answer is always brie! We cut brie into triangles and placed it in the spaces around the cheddar!

Step 4.

Next step, meats! You can use any charcuterie of your choice, but we opted for salami and prosciutto. Fold the salami into triangles and wedge it between the cheeses and in the middle of the circle. Tear the prosciutto and place it around the outside edges.

Step 5. 

Add some festive color to your board by sprinkling pomegranate arils or cranberries around the outside edge of your creation! They add a vibrant, fruity crunch that pairs perfectly with the creamy brie.

Step 6.

This step may sound a little odd, but we finished our board with dark chocolate covered stars from Trader Joe’s. Chocolate and cheese? Weird combo, but the stars made the board look so festive and added the perfect finishing touch!


And there you have it. With a little creativity and some Martha Stewart energy, you can have the mecca of holiday snacking that will keep your guests satisfied and impressed.