The Power Group Announces Grant Writing Service

We’ve always been more than a PR firm. It is the reason we have built the reputation we have today.

Being more is borne out of a “what’s possible” mentality which began 20 years ago with our founder, Amy Power. At the Power Group, we have grown with our clients by offering them the services they needed at that moment. Today’s moment is the pandemic. It has unraveled corporate America, pushing stable populations into situations where they now become part of America’s vulnerable communities; placing a greater strain on nonprofits. As we watched all of this unfold, it allowed The Power Group to pivot and create another way to be more to our nonprofit clients. Today, we are humbled and honored to officially roll out our grant writing services to our nonprofit clients in collaboration with WellSpring Nonprofit Resource. Our ability to create compelling narratives that blend the need for a newfound sensitivity with technical writing expertise allows us to be more, once again.

For more information about our new service please visit our grant writing services page or contact [email protected]! Stay tuned and stay healthy.