Top 5 News Podcasts to Keep You Informed

Staying up to date with current events is important for everyone. In the public relations profession, it is crucial to be consistently informed about a wide variety of news events. Podcasts are a great source for listening to the day’s top stories, and many publications have created podcasts to highlight and discuss their top headlines each day. Whether you listen on your way to work or during a morning walk, here are our top five news podcasts to help you stay informed each day.

1. What’s News by The Wall Street Journal
What’s News features the Wall Street Journal’s top headlines for the day, twice every weekday. With one podcast in the morning and one podcast in the evening, The Wall Street Journal can help you stay up to date twice per day in about 10-12 minutes.

2. Up First by NPR
Up First examines three headlines per episode along with an analysis of each of the stories from NPR reporters. Up First podcasts are released 7 days per week, and are usually 12-15 minutes long. 

3. The Daily by The New York Times
The Daily reports key stories from The New York Times, and focuses on explaining one story in depth per episode. The Daily airs five days per week, and each episode usually ranges from 20-35 minutes. 

4. Today, Explained by Vox
Today, Explained features the top news stories of the day explained in depth by reporters from Vox and other publications. Each episode explains one major story per day in 26 minutes. 

5. The Journal. by The Wall Street Journal 
The Journal focuses on one current event per podcast and examines the story through a business lens. The Journal gives an in-depth analysis of the featured story, and hosts experts and other journalists to contribute to the topic of discussion. The Journal’s episodes are usually 15-20 min long. 

Each podcast provides a different angle to reporting on the daily news. Some discuss completely unique topics. while others report on the same top stories. It makes for an even more informative experience to listen to a combination of these podcasts throughout the week to get the most out of the news you consume each day.