Top 5 Spicy Margaritas in Dallas

From Taco Tuesdays to simply craving chips and salsa, it’s always acceptable to have a spicy margarita! It can be hard to find the perfect spicy marg, but it makes all the difference when you do. Some have too many jalapeños or Tajin, and others don’t have enough, so finding the balance is critical. Our team knows the perfect spicy margarita is few and far between, so we praise the restaurants that can mix the best. In no specific order, below you’ll find our list of the top five spicy margs in Dallas.



José’s is located on Lovers Lane, and the porch atmosphere is just as unique as the drinks! While the food is equally as incredible, people tend to come for drinks. All the drinks served at José are fresh and different, but the spicy margarita is a fan favorite. To receive the perfect combination of lime and spice, make sure to order “La Malinche,” which includes muddled serrano, fresh cucumber and lime juice and white pepper syrup. It is a perfect 10/10!



 There are several Mesero locations across DFW, which means you can find the brand’s famous spicy margarita wherever you are. Mesero’s Tex-Mex and cocktails are out of this world. Order the “Jalapiña” margarita. Infused with pineapple, jalapeno, and other citrus flavors, this drink is excellent, flavorful, and rimmed with Tajin. It will leave you saying “mas por favor!”



Muchacho lives at the heart of Preston Center and embodies a western flair. Just like its atmosphere, the heat from the spicy margarita also radiates. It is an appropriate and delicious kind of heat, making it one of the best in Dallas. When ordering, make sure to ask for the spicy margarita, which is the house margarita muddled with jalapeño. The house recipe is one of a kind, so adding the spice sends it over the top. It also pairs perfectly with the green salsa and warm chips. Pro tip: you can make your skinny margarita spicy as well!


Las Palmas 

Las Palmas is a popular Tex-Mex spot located in Uptown. It’s known as one of the best places in Dallas to grab Mexican food. Palmas margaritas are shaken to perfection!When ordering, make sure to ask for the “House Margarita on the rocks and spicy. This will provide you with a thirst-quenching cocktail that contains slices of jalapeño. Don’t forget to order a plate of sizzling fajitas with bone marrow butter – a Power Player favorite! 


Gloria’s Latin Cuisine

Like Mesero, there are multiple  Gloria’s locations in the Dallas area, improving your chances of having a spicy margarita anywhere between Fort Worth and Rockwall! Everything about Glorias is delicious, but their “Milagro Spicy Mango Margarita” is definitely a highlight. This signature drink contains tequila, lime and spicy pineapple, making it the most refreshing (and tangy!) drink on the menu. It is a must-try that will leave you wanting more!


The search for the best spicy margarita in Dallas is subjective and endless. So, from time to time, this list will change. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoyed our roundup of the top five restaurants offering the most refreshing spicy margarita in Dallas to date!