Why Your Franchise Isn’t Getting the PR Results You Want

Do you ever find yourself scratching your head, wondering why your franchise isn’t making headlines or garnering the media attention you hoped for? Despite your best efforts, do you feel like you’re running in circles, not making any tangible progress? We’ve outlined a few reasons why you might feel this way and how to solve the issues facing your brand.

1. PR: The Endurance Game

Many business owners operate under the misconception that public relations (PR) is a quick-fix solution. However, PR is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. Much like training for a long-distance race, PR demands patience, persistence, and consistent effort. You can’t expect to win if you only run when the weather’s nice. Similarly, you can’t expect media coverage overnight. It’s about building relationships, nurturing stories, and sharing them in a strategic and intentional manner.

2. Input Equals Output

There’s an ambiguous “gray” line connecting PR efforts to revenue. We have seen PR efforts drive sales, change opinions and set the stage for mergers. But, those are not the reasons you engage in PR. You engage in PR to be part of the consideration set for these opportunities. But, as with many aspects of life, you reap what you sow. If you’ve been skimping on PR efforts, expecting colossal returns, it’s time for a reality check. It’s crucial to invest time, energy, and resources if you want to see tangible results–especially when times are tough like they are today with inflation, recession concerns and world events.

3. Be Your Own Brand’s Voice

The world craves authenticity and humans connect via story. While it’s tempting to push your brand or your team into the limelight, sometimes, you need to step forward and be the face of your franchise. Many franchise owners lament, “I want the story to be about my company or my people”. You can still be humble and earn your share of visibility. In the end, the award you win, the panel you speak on or the feature story on you will benefit your brand and make your employees proud as well.

4. You Might Be the Missing Piece

Your competitors might be stealing the limelight simply because they’ve recognized the power of personal stories. These narratives resonate with audiences and help humanize businesses. News stories often revolve around people, not just products or services. If your rivals are consistently in the media, it’s because they’ve harnessed the power of personal branding alongside franchise PR.

5. Seek Expertise When Overwhelmed

It’s okay to feel unsure or overwhelmed. Whether it’s due to time constraints, lack of interest, or simply not knowing where to start, it’s valid. However, instead of retreating, consider hiring a PR expert. These individuals and firms are adept at navigating the intricate maze of public relations. They can identify and pitch compelling stories about your franchise that you might overlook. Think of them as your megaphone, standing out and shouting your story amidst the noise of a competitive market.

In conclusion, if your franchise isn’t getting the PR traction you’ve hoped for, reflect on your efforts, re-evaluate your strategy, and remember that every person, including yourself, has a story worth sharing. If you’re interested in learning more about The Power Group’s PR service, please shoot us an email at [email protected].